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1st Draft

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Anti-spam WG RIPE 41 Amsterdam

A Administrivia

Scribe Jeroen Bet, RIPE NCC to whom we are grateful.

About 40 people attended.

B Update

  1. Developments in UBE
    • Open proxies -- leave no trace of origin in the mail.
    • DNS hopping -- makes tracing almost impossible.
    • Mainstream advertisers -- more, sometimes disappointed.
    • Patterns of forged originators -- no major change.
  2. Developments in anti-spam
    • Port filtering now deployed on many modem dialups. DSL not so good.
    • MAPS RBL+ short of resources but respected. Other DNSBLs in chaos.
      Can we support MAPS in some way?
      (host a nameserver in Europe, encourage subscriptions).
  3. Regulation and legislation
    • Californian legislation apparently effective.
    • European legislation now to urge opt-IN.
    • Child protection and UBE.
      In the UK it is now accepted that mail abuse is unsolicited.
  4. Products

C Technical measures

  1. Filtering
    • Filtering services; Brightmail, finding signatures fast.
      Brightmail-like plugin for Sendmail if MAPS not sustainable?
  2. Various kinds of distributed blocklist.
  3. Sending mailer validation in real time.
  4. Hashcash

D Interactions

  1. Marketers
  2. Other ISPs
    • Enforcement
    • Mail provider trust model
  3. Bulk mailers
  4. RIRs

E Advice

  1. Update RIPE-206 (
    • Make explicit comment on services supporting UBE.
  2. Opt-IN lists (work item)
    • Start with LINX BCP
  3. Reporting UBE
  4. RFC 2635, RFC 3098.


  1. Privacy of the WG list.
  2. Statistics on paths of spam (for 80-20 attack).
  3. How would we spend money to fight UBE if we had it?

Z Agenda for RIPE 42

  1. Tutorials?
    • How UBE works, How UBE affects ISPs, Reading UBE headers.
      Not thought useful here at present.