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Test Traffic Working Group Minutes

Wednesday, 1 May 2002 from 11.00 - 12.30.

Chair: Henk Uijterwaal
Scribe: Olaf Kolkman
Attendees: 36

A. Administrivia
* Chair: Keith Godber could not be here. Henk Uijterwaal is chairing.
* Appointment of scribe: Olaf Kolkman voluntered.
* Reminder: The mailing list only allows posts from
subscribers. Posts from non-subscribers might be missed.
* The minutes from the meeting at RIPE 41 were approved.
* The draft agenda was approved.

B. TTM, Status and Plans (Henk Uijterwaal)
Slides of this presentation are available on-line at:

Questions from the audience:
* Randy Bush on slide #13.
ISP-A is a group of ISPs looking for replacement of 'keynote'.
Something that shows traffic between ISPs. Some folk are now
testing this. The antenna is the biggest problem (bureaucratic).
Towards the end of the year more activity might be seen.
DFK: Is Sonnet an alternative. Randy: probably.

* Q: Who is interested in QOS? bit?
A: Who is interested: European network research, who have 3
levels of service.
* Q: What is the security when talking to the machines?
A: Communication is only over SSH with strong authentication.
* Q: Can you do things for only a day without generating special
config files?
A: Probably a good idea to generate 'From To for time t'

C. TTM, Data analysis update (Rene Wilhelm)
Slides of this presentation are available on-line at:
No questions were asked.

D. Topics for RIPE 43 and RIPE 44
1. Netflow presentation planned for this meeting. The chair is
encouraged to invite the speaker who had to cancel or find a
2. "How to use measurements in daily operations", probably an EOF
3. Use of LDAP for presenting TTM objects. This was a topic
mentioned on the mailing list, since the author of the
original note is from Greece, the chair is asked to invite
him for RIPE 43 and have him present his work.

4. The TU Delft group offered to give a presentation on their
work at RIPE 44.