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Database WG Chair Selection Process

  1. The number of chairs is a minimum of two with a maximum of three.
  2. A chair can be removed at any time by consensus.
  3. Chair terms are staggered yearly.
  4. One chair per year is replaced. Any member of the RIPE community may stand for chair, unless that person has been removed from the position of WG chair in the last three years.
  5. The working group selects a chair by consensus.
  6. The consensus judgement will be made by the serving WG co-chair(s) and will exclude the co-chair(s) who is the subject of that consensus judgement.
  7. The selection process is as follows:
    7.1  Interested parties have two weeks to make their interest known directly to the chair(s).
    7.2  After two weeks, the chair(s) ensure that all candidates are announced on the mailing list and issue a call for discussion.
    7.3  WG members express their approval or otherwise of the presented candidates.
    7.4  Two weeks after the call for discussion, the chair(s) declare a decision, based on mailing list discussion, as they would do for a policy proposal.
  8. Any appeal over a consensus decision will be heard by the RIPE Chair (or their deputy), whose decision shall be final.
  9. In the case more than one chair is up for selection at the same time, the chair with the greatest support will take a multi-year term, and the chair with the least support will take the second-longest term. Terms will be determined by the number of chairs (three chairs = three-year term, two chairs = two-year terms). The intent is to maintain continuity of the WG chairs so the working group is never left without a chair.