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RIPE 35 - Minutes

First CENTR DNR Forum

Krasnapolsky Hotel,Amsterdam
23 February 2000
Chairs: Fay Howard, CENTR & Sharon Bush, NetNames
Final Version: V 1.1

Welcome and Introductions.

DNR-F launched to replace RIPE TLD-WG and will deal with primarily
non-technical issues at first.
Open to all with interest in Domain Name Registration.
First meeting co-chaired by Fay Howard representing the registries and
Sharon Bush representing the registrars.
Approximately 50 participants, of which 55% were from registries, 40% from
registrars and 5% from other backgrounds.

CENTR Presentation

Fay Howard and Kevin Meynell gave a presentation on current CENTR activities:
CENTR was formed as a project of RIPE NCC in 1998 and is one a separate
legal entitity in the UK with 28 members from ccTLD registries in Europe
and beyond
Current activities include:
Provision of a political and policy forum (General Assembly) where managers
of registries exchange information, debate current issues and agree policy
The new Legal Forum allows lawyers from member registries to addressing
legal issues of ccTLDs and collaborate on recommending good practice and
drafting legal documents
The Technical Forum allows technical staff to exchange information, seek
solutions on technical problems and collaborate on technical projects of
benefit to all member registries. At a technical workshop held 21/2, a
revised work plan had been agreed and the template for a fact-finding
questionnaire on registry practices in technical areas.

New Public DNR-Forum

Round Up of Outstanding Actions From RIPE TLD-WG Chair, Niall O<92>Reilly.
The minutes from the previous TLD-WG meeting are still outstanding but will
be taken care of as soon as possible.
There are a number of ccTLDs who are still using the RIPE database to store
their WHOIS
information. There will be an action plan by 31 March, with a view to
removal of all objects by 30 June. CENTR to assist.

Setting Up The DNR-Forum

Physical meetings to coincide with existing RIPE meetings.
Fay Howard and Sharon Bush to co-chair the next meeting in Budapest, where
the situation will be reviewed.

Work Plan

Some suggestions for a work plan were presented and debated with the
following conclusions:

CENTR to make a public mailing list [email protected], which will
include the participants of old TLD-WG meetings and current participants of
new DNR-Forum.

Registry contracts with registrants and registrars to be readdressed after
CENTR has finished collating data on current best practices using a CENTR

Registration Template Task Force set up to examine current practices,
requirements and draft a paper for the next meeting containing
recommendations for change.
Participants: Sharon Bush, NetNames
Michaela Pivesso, CENTR
Steven Dyer, CentralNic
Yehavi Bourvine, ISOC-IL
Sabine Dolderer, DENIC

Data Protection Task Force set up to examine zone file access and draft a
paper documenting the potential uses (e.g. Statistics, host count, searching).

Participants: Sharon Bush, NetNames
Peter Koch, Universitt Bielefeld
Clive Feather, Demon Internet Ltd
Olivier Guillard, AFNIC
Michaela Pivesso, CENTR

CENTR to design a <91>What<92>s New<92> website to announce changes in
policy on registration and renewals.

Registry Presentations

AFNIC (France) and DENIC (Germany) gave a comparative detailed presentation
which highlighted their individual registration policies and registry history.
Fay Howard to find two different registries who will give similar
presentations during the next DNR-Forum in Budapest in May 2000.

Creation of .EU TLD

Fay Howard gave a summary of the CENTR press release and urged the
participants to comment on the European Commission<92>s Working Paper: