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Working Group Chair: Fearghas McKay (absent) | Co-Chairs: Cara Mascini and Mike Hughes

Tuesday, 28 October 2008: 14:00:00-15:30

A. Administrative Matters

  • Welcome
  • Microphone Etiquette
  • Approve Minutes from RIPE 56
  • Review of Action List
  • Jabber & Meeting Scribe

B. Selection of Jabber and Meeting Scribes

Scribes were selected.

C. The Role of IX:es in the Development of Internet in Europe | Kurtis Lindqvist, Netnod

Comment (Mike Hughes): Why are Denmark and the UK not on the map?
Kurtis: This was an issue with powerpoint and so he could not export it correctly.

Comment: Dominant telecommunication providers might benefit from peering.
Kurtis: Agree.

D. IXP Updates

There were no questions for any of the above presentations

Comment: Is TIX, who is listed as an organiser of the Italian Peering Forum, actually an Italian Internet Exchange?
Maurizio Goretti: The meeting was organised by Italian Internet Exchanges.

There was discussion that there are several Internet Exchanges called TIX.
Serge Radovcic: This one is the Tuscany Internet Exchange.

Comment (Henk Steenman): What does WDM refer to?
Kurtis Lindqvist: In Stockholm, many providers are located in bunkers and are not well connected there. Since fibre prices depend on distance, the usage of WDM to replace those reduces the cost.
Nurani: Most providers are based at two locations.
Kurtis: Fibre is the most significant cost in Stockholm

There were no questions

Comment: (Mike Hughes): How does the relaxation in policies at the VIX influence the number of participants?
Wolfgang: We hope that more people will come back due to this.

Comment (Mike Hughes): VIX had people leave the exchange in order to avoid having equipment there. Remote peering might be preferable for them.
Wolfgang: We still will not allow exchanging or selling upstream through the exchange, since they don't have 24/7 at the exchange.

Comment (Mike Hughes): VIX is honest about their capabilities.
Wolfgang: That's why connection graphs are not shown.

Comment (Mike Hughes): They certainly would look better than most of the stock markets right now.
Comment: Do you see any increase in operational issues since the new policies were introduced?
Wolfgang: there was a small increase, however, prevention methods worked very well. Good preparation is important. Nobody at VIX was affected at any time, except for the peer itself.

Comment: There were no negative effects to the customers because of this.

E. Euro-IX Update | Serge Radovcic, EURO-IX

Comment: Will there be any updates from Internet Exchange Points in the Far East?
Mike Hughes: No one has volunteered.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008: 11:00-12:30


  • Euro-IX Film Competition | Cara Mascini, AMS-IX

There were no comments.

G. VIX - An IXP Front-End Toolset/Portal | Wolfgang Hennerbichler

Comment (Cara Mascini): How long did it take to develop these tools?
Wolfgang: It took approximately six months to implement this. Elisa Jasinska from AMS-IX is credited for writing a Perl module that was used during development.


Comment: The VIX uses a similar approach; we use a 30 minute time out.

Comment (Mike Hughes): LINX does not enable ports again automatically and moves offending ports to a quarantine VLAN in order to work out what the causes.


There were no comments.

J. IPv6 Deployment at Japanese IXPs | Katsuyasu Toyoma, JPNAP

Comment (Lorenzo Collitti, Google): Thanks to JPNAP for not charging extra for IPv6 which Google doesn't like. It is better to have VLAN for IPv4 and IPv6 since it needs to be production ready.

Comment (Randy Bush IIJ): I appreciate the honesty of the speaker, especially concerning the details given about IPv6.

K. Equinix Exchange Update | John Taylor, Equinix

L. Peering DB | Terry Rodery,

Terry gave a demonstration of the Peering DB.
There were no comments.

M. Wolfgang Tremmel, DE-CIX

  • The latest trend in promoting IXPs, a short movie about DE-CIX.

Z. A.O.B.

Cara Mascini announced that Mike Hughes will step down as a EIX Working Group Co-Chair and thanked him for his work over the last years. She also mentioned an upcoming global peering forum.

The session ended.