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IPv6 Working Group Minutes - RIPE 81

Date: 29 October 2020, 13:00 - 13:45
WG Chairs: Benedikt Stockebrand, Jen Linkova, Raymond Jetten
Scribe: Nikolas Pediaditis
Status: Final

Welcome - Agenda Bashing

The Chairs      

The minutes of IPv6 Working Group session from RIPE 80 were accepted as final. There were no questions or comments. 


Tim Chown      

The presentation is available here:

Dmitry Serbulov (Alpha Net Telecom LTD) asked if it would be possible to share material with attendees prior to the start of each session.

Raymond Jetten suggested that he should join the IPv6 WG mailing list.

Bringing IPv6 Everywhere 

Nico Schottelius

The presentation is available here:

Ondrej Caletka (RIPE NCC) asked if connectivity will break if the host network becomes dual-stacked, or atworst, if the host network becomes IPv6-only.

Nico replied that it wouldn’t. IPv4 connectivity would still be available, and IPv6 would be added to it.  

Kurt Kayser (BDBOS) asked if geo-IP will always show that the VIIRB-users are in Switzerland.

Nico replied that at the moment, yes. And there is a bracket opening as soon as they are able to talk better to the RIPE API to change the registration of the /48 networks. It will be easy to actually assign the network to your location. 

Christoph Berkemeier (DB Station&Service AG) asked if the IPv6 distribution is stateless only.

Nico confirmed that it is stateless at the moment but that could be changed if desired.

Veronica McKillop (UK IPv6 Council) asked where the device is being manufactured. 

Nico replied that it's manufactured in China and is shipped to and configured in Switzerland.

Dmitry Serbulov (Alpha Net Telecom LTD) asked if open source software is used between the device and the server it connects to.

Nico said that the software used, WireGuard and OpenWRT at the moment, are fully open source. 

Vesna Manojlovic (RIPE NCC)  mentioned that a hackathon about RIPE Atlas software probes is taking place in November. She asked if Nico would be interested in joining and seeing how they could combine his router with RIPE Atlas software probes if possible.  

Nico replied that it would be a really cool project.  

Christoph Berkemeier (DB Station&Service AG) asked if there is a virtual appliance to enable legacy hosters.

Nico replied that it builds on top of your existing IPv4 network so everything that's legacy continues to work.  It's not a replacement. The nice thing about IPv6 is that although it is incompatible to IPv4 this also means that it runs in parallel to the existing infrastructure, allowing the legacy network to continue to work.  

Recent Improvements in IPv6 Addressing

Fernando Gont

The presentation is available here:

Osamah Barakat (Siemens AG) asked if Windows 10 supports the latest IPv6 RFC or it is only Linux-based OS that support seen in the slide.

Fernando Gont replied that it’s surprising that they don’t support RFC 7217 as one the authors worked for Microsoft. They also haven’t implemented the update of 4941 either. However, he was less concerned about 4941, as compared to the support for 7217, as it has not been published as an RFC.

End of the session.