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RIPE Meeting:


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Wednesday September 22
11:00 - 12:30 BST
14:00 - 15:30 BST


A. Administrative Matters
B. IXP Presentations
C. SLAs & Pricing at IXPs - Call for information for research
D. Switching Wish List - Final call for input
E. Euro-IX Update
F. AMS-IX Membership Survey
G. Routing Registry Courses Announcement
H. KIX Overview and Future Plan

A. Administrative Matters

Chair: Fearghas McKay
Co-Chair: Mike Hughes
Scribe: Rene Wilhelm

B. Presentations by Exchange Points

AMS-IX Steven Bakker

The change of topology has been completed 10 GigE is in betatesting

15 partners (NL-IX)
50% of traffic coming through partner program

Question: Any news on IPv6 participants?
Answer: we have 50 IPv6, 6 multicast connectees

DE-CIX - Bernhard Kroenung

Proposal for a bit more idenpendence from ECO approved.
DE-CIX will start to offer VLAN services by end of year.
Had first technical meeting on September 9th.
Aggregated traffic 23 Gbps on 21/09/2004.
134 members, 25% using IPv6

LINX, Mike Hughes

Reached 40 Gig/sec aggregate peak traffic this monday!

Membership continues to grow, 162 members from 27 countries

Upgrade of Foundry platform is now almost completed
Extreme platform had some reliability problems during summer, researching upgrade paths.

Multicast experiment by BBC during olympics

Question: What is your experience with 10 GigE?
Is there a business case for connecting at such speeds, any customers looking at it, or are they satisfied with two or three 1 GigE connections?
Answer: LINX have no members at 10 GigE yet; connecting two or three GigE can work well (and we will sell that if requested by customer) but we do want to stimulate parties to use a 10 GigE instead; the price of a 10 GigE port is set at 3.5 times that of 1 normal GigE port.

Question: how many parties connect on each platform? How many on IPv6?
Answer: Foundry infrastructure is the primary platform to which everone connects. 80-85% in addition connected to the Extreme based infrastructure and that number is going up. People are encouraged to connect to both. As for IPv6, we have 9 sessions at the v6 collector.

LoNAP, Paul Thornton

Entirely based on Cisco hardware
3 sites in London Docklands
45 members, 250 Mbit/sec traffic total
interconnect with xchange point

6 connections on IPv6
8-9 multicast

Core switch fabric upgraded to new 6509s
10 GigE connections coming very soon.

Investigating other locations.

MIX - Milan Internet Exchange, Raffaele D'Albenzino

56 members, 14 carriers present in MIX data center

Traffic on public peering LAN peaked with 7.7 Gbps in May 2004
Today (Sep '04) 6.2 Gbps

New services:
- IPv6 operational since April 2004, currently 6 connected members
- Multicast will be in production starting from november 2004.
- Test Traffic Measuremnet box, also used as NTP server
- RIS route collector, rrc10, 16 IPv4 peerings, 6 IPv6
- DNS root name servers:
o I-root server replica since december 2003
o K-root server replica since august 2004

Inter provider traffic Analyzer, first presented at RIPE46, new version 1.0 has been released. More info from: or
[email protected]

Software Available for euro-ix members at:

Netnod/Autonomica, Kurtis Lindquist

Netnod is the company which operates the exchanges, Autonomica is a fully owned daughter which is responsible for services like

- private VLAN service
- working on 10GigE, likely to be same price as GigE
- new general terms and conditions and ... all SRP now out of production

NIX-CZ - Czech Neutral Internet Exchange, Jozef Chomyn

46 members + 4 customers (2 x DE, 1 x SE, 1 x CZ)
8 networks peer on IPv6

Czech academic network plans to upgrade to 10GigE
NIX.CZ infrastructure must also be upgraded - currently thinking about technology and charging scheme

VIX - Vienna Internet Exchange, Christian Panigl

Sept 2004: 80 members (12 on IPv6 VLAN)
Summary peaks at 5Gbps

Core switches upgraded, intersite trunc upgraded to 2x 10Gig, prepared for more traffic to come.

Xchange Point Europe, Keith Mitchell

Over 180 customers
Fully operational in Frankfurt and Amsterdam
Started running European "peering forum" events.

Xchange point does not provide connections between the metropolitan areas.

Some London network stability issues between Dec '03 & July '04. due to hardware problems with the switches, now resolved, network has been stable with no outages for over 8 weeks.

See for full history

NAP of the Americas, Josh Snowhorn

NAP of the Americas connects North, South and Middle America. It is located in Miami, Florida

18 domestic fiber providers, 12 undersea cables

168 clients, 89 unique ASNs represented in facility Hosts J-root and I-root server anycast instances as well as Verising's "D" gTLD name server.

Entering partnership with Linx

C. SLAs & Pricing at IXPs: Call for information - Tomas Marsalak NIX.CZ

Tomas Marsalak is starting a research on prices at internet exchanges, prices for transit and SLAs. The study is expected to be completed study by the end of the year, the results will be made public. He requests people to send him information.

D. Switching Wish List: Final call for input - Mike Hughes LINX

The "switching" wish list:

is a work item on the eix working group. The current version has been up on the web for quite some time, Mike asks for final input.

Keith Mitchel (Xchange Point Europe) mentions several items he'd like to see added. Mike agrees and will incorporate these in the final list.

Mike also proposes to invite vendors to the next euro-ix or eix-wg meeting to give a presentation about what lies beyond 10 GigE.

Bill Norton (Equinix) sees two dangers with inviting vendors:
1. Vendors often don't want the competition to see what they're doing.
2. Vendors might send folk from marketing who could promise perfect systems that are far from becoming a reality.

E. Euro-IX Update - Serge Radovcic

Euro-IX is the European Internet Exchange Association Formed in 2001, euro-ix aims to further develop strengthen and improve the Internet Exchange Community

Currently 32 member IXPs in 21 different countries throughout Europe

Question: what is Europe for Euro-IX? where does it end?
Answer: definition is based on a workable region, larger than the European Union, but not as large as the RIPE region. Will put information up on the euro-ix website soon.

F. AMS-IX Membership Survey - Cara Mascini, AMS-IX

Cara Mascini presented the results of the membership survey conducted by AMS-IX. To the respondents (~50% of the membership) AMS-IX offers good value for money. The most important reasons to connect are "amount of connected parties" and "cost savings".

Question: what definition did you use for "open" peering policy?
Answer: we didn't define it; we just listed the various options in the survey, respondents picked what in their view matched best.

RIPE NCC Routing Registry Training - Arno Meulenkamp, RIPE NCC

RIPE NCC organises Trainining Courses throughout the RIPE region on how to use the Routing Registry. Dates and venues of upcoming courses were shown in the slide.

Arno asks if Exchange Points would be interested in a condensed version, a short informational session to be presented at any of their regular meetings? If yes, contact him <[email protected]> or Rumy Kamis <[email protected]> (Training Team Leader)

H. KIX Overview and Future Plan - Chang Hun Lee, National Computerization Agency

KIX is the first IX in Korea built in 1995 by NCA and now it is the exchange point for public Internet Traffic. KIX internet connects non-commercial ISPs and enables these ISPs to connect to transit providers. KIX also connects to other Korean exchanges.