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RIPE NCC Services Working Group Minutes RIPE 86

Wednesday, 26 May 2023, 14:30 – 16:00 (UTC+2)

Chaired By: Kurt Erik Lindqvist
Co-Chairs: Rob Evans, Bijal Sanghani
Scribe: Gerardo Viviers
Status: Approved

The recordings of the session are available at:

The stenography transcripts are available at:

A. Administrative Matters

Kurtis Lindqvist

The presentation is available at:

Kurtis Lindqvist welcomed everyone and presented the agenda. The minutes from RIPE 85 were approved.

B. RIPE NCC Past and Future

Hans Petter Holen, Managing Director, RIPE NCC

The presentation is available at:

Hans Petter Holen, Managing Director, RIPE NCC, presented the activities of the RIPE NCC, the focus for 2023 and the planning cycle of RIPE NCC activities. He shared an analysis of developments over recent years that had an impact on the RIPE NCC’s operations. He then presented on RIPE NCC activities and the budget for 2023, keeping the coming three years in perspective. 

Dmitry Serbulov, Alpha Net Telecom, mentioned that this year there were hardly any financial transfers from Russia to the EU, it was a bit of an adventure. What will happen next remains unknown. He said that something should be done so that members can pay in yuan and to a bank outside the EU.

Hans Petter Holen mentioned that the RIPE NCC had been able to collect fees from Russian LIRs, but there are potential problems and the RIPE NCC is looking into what could be done. He thanked Dmitry for the feedback.

Dmitry also asked why the members had only one option with categories but three similar options with only the amounts differing for the resolution on the payment scheme. He further asked why member discussions are needed if everything that is discussed is sent to the trash. He also asked why the scheme with the same payment for IP addresses per /24 was not brought up for discussion.

Hans Petter Holen explained the advantages and disadvantages of the different options that presented. He explained that the options proposed in the resolutions were in line with membership feedback.

Dmitry suggested that members should first vote on the categories then on the payment and then on paying for resources as that would offer better choices.

Hans Petter Holen replied that since preferential voting is used, members can rank their preferences. 

C. Registry and Technology Update

Felipe Victolla Silveira, Chief Technology Officer, RIPE NCC 

The presentation is available at:

Felipe Victolla Silveira, Chief Technology Officer, RIPE NCC, presented the RIPE NCC Registry and Technology Update.

Erik Bais asked if the RIPE NCC could provide some insights on the PI space being reclaimed by the RIPE NCC in the next update. He mentioned this address space goes to the free pool which benefits the members on the waiting list.

Felipe agreed to try to share that information.

Brian Nisbet asked if the RIPE NCC if the NIS2 EU legislation would bring any additional burden to the registry 

Felipe mentioned he didn't think so in terms of the registry. He thought it might be a challenge in terms of the security requirements. And that's why the RIPE NCC is looking into compliance frameworks like ISO 7001 and others.

Marco Davids, SIDN, asked if the RIPE NCC designed the cloud framework independently or with an external consultant.

Felipe answered that the framework was designed by the RIPE NCC together with the community. There were Open House events organised, several articles were published and the RIPE NCC asked for feedback. No consultancy was used.

Robert Scheck, ETES GmbH, mentioned that whenever he reads "cloud" at the RIPE NCC it feels unfortunately like a synonym for "AWS". He asked if there was a list of cloud providers that the RIPE NCC uses along with which service each provider is used for.

Felipe answered that this list is not public, but it could be looked into. He mentioned that he is aware of the RIPE NCC using AWS, Google Cloud, and some parts running in Lynode as well.

D. RIPE NCC Survey 2023

Fergal Cunningham, Head of Membership Engagement, RIPE NCC

The presentation is available at:

Fergal Cunningham, Head of Membership Engagement, RIPE NCC, presented on the RIPE NCC survey 2023.      

Dmitry Serbulov mentioned that it would be nice to translate the IPv6 courses into regional languages.

Fergal explained that the RIPE NCC is trying to do more with translations, but that it is difficult for courses and thanked Dmitry for the feedback.

E. 2023-03 Voluntary Transfer Lock - Next Steps

The recording is available at:

Sander Steffann presented on the proposal to add a voluntary transfer lock to Internet number resources registered with the RIPE NCC.

Erik Bais, A2B Internet, commented that he supported the proposal and that it would have been useful to have a set of slides to explain the proposal.

Andreas Härpfer, ConSol, asked if there had been any temporary locks and how many.

Kurtis mentioned that he thought there had been three requests for a temporary lock and one had been approved, though it wasn't a Ukrainian request. He explained that he mentioned this because there might be other use cases for this proposal.

Sander added that the current temporary lock mechanism has a deadline and that he would request the Executive Board of the RIPE NCC to extend this temporary lock.

Viktoriia Opanasiuk, LLC Fiber Group UA, commented on the usefulness of the transfer lock for other situations than the current war in Ukraine. 

F. Board as a Service

The presentation is available at:

Christian Kaufmann presented on the type and amount of work a RIPE NCC Executive Board member is expected to do. He recapped various situations over the past 12 years that he had to face as an EB member. He expected this to help future EB members to understand what would be expected of them. 

Kurt Kayser asked if Christian had used up his CO2 budget given the amount he’s travelled as a Board Member during his tenure.

Christian replied that he has stared bicycling to make up for it.

Eileen Gallagher asked Christian what his thoughts were on term limits for an Executive Board member. 

Christian said that it was a difficult topic and he was not against it. He mentioned that staying too long could produce a passive attitude towards the task and that is also why he decided to step down.

Cynthia Revström, Itnord Security Solutions AB, thanked Christian on his work in the Executive Board.

G. Open Microphone Session

Kurtis Lindqvist, Working Group Chair           

There were no questions or comments.

Z. Any Other Business

Kurtis Lindqvist, Working Group Chair

There were no questions or comments.