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Connect Working Group Minutes RIPE 85

Wednesday, 26 October, 12:00 - 13:00 (UTC+2)
Chaired By: Florence Lavroff, Remco van Mook, Will van Gulik
Scribe: Guy Meyer
Status: Final

1 and 2. Opening and Housekeeping

Florence Lavroff, Remco van Mook, Will van Gulik

The presentation is available at:

Remco welcomed the attendees to the meeting and introduced the scribe from the RIPE NCC together with his co-Chairs, Will and Florence.

He presented the session's agenda, approved the minutes from the previous meeting, and thanked the RIPE NCC for compiling them.

3. 400G Ethernet in the Field: Towards Game-changing Technologies

Thomas Delaby, France-IX

The presentation is available at:

Thomas discussed applications for 400G Ethernet with technical insights on what implementers may expect. France-IX has experienced steady growth in this sector with a 2Tbps bar. OTN muxponders were introduced as a TDM solution with high-power opticals to achieve long distances. France-IX uses two types of Muxponders; Nokia 1830 PSI-M and Coriant Groove G30. Finally, Thomas addressed the dangers of saturated EDFA, which causes channels to drop. The saturation was highlighted as something to avoid actively. 400G-ZR has been chosen for its lower complexity, lower power consumption and simpler cabling, and it was concluded that the technology was ready for production.

Will Hargrave, LONAP, asked if a box that contained all features was considered rather than separate modules. Thomas responded that they found this solution to be very costly, with several features not needed.

Stavros Konstantaras, AMS-IX, asked if directly connecting the boxes was considered an option. Thomas replied that it was considered and the EDFA was not strictly necessary, but it was added anyway.

Rick Nelson, VIE, asked if Thomas has any experience with the 4x100 type breakout optics. Thomas indicated that they use it but would require muxponder replacement, which would be costly.

Harald Michl, VIX, asked if any problems were experienced and if they operate at a higher temperature. Thomas responded that the temperature is indeed higher, also for SR8 and DF4, it is around 75 degrees. Switches are designed for this, but compatibility will need to be checked.
There were no further questions.

4. Euro-IX Update

Maria Isabel Gandía, CATNIX

The presentation is available at:

Maria provided an update for the EURO-IX association on behalf of Bijal Sanghani, along with exciting news from Internet Exchanges internationally. Some highlights include TOP-IX celebrating 20 years, Espanix connecting their 5th POP in Madrid, and LINX having a 6Tbps+ peak in addition to launching a collaboration with Kenyan IXAfrica.

There were no questions. 

5. Update on PeeringDB

Arnold Nipper, PeeringDB

The presentation is available at:

Arnold provided an in-depth status update on the PeeringDB product, a freely available database of interconnect data. Furthermore, the peering organisation was actively seeking volunteers to help in their outreach, operations and administration, with an emphasis on bilingualism and marketing. Product updates include CDN improvement, API updates and documentation on getting started. New releases are planned up to March 2023.

There were no questions. 

6. Closure

Florence Lavroff, Remco van Mook, Will van Gulik

You can watch the recording of the closure at:

Sander Steffann, 6connect, brought forward an item from the Address Policy WG session on the IPv4 pool for IXPs. According to current trends, Sander mentioned that the free space in the IPv4 pool is expected to be depleted in the next seven years. He raised a question on whether any actions should be taken or whether a new policy was necessary. Arnold Nipper, DE-NIX, indicated that using IPv6 by 2029 would be acceptable. Remco van Mook, RIPE NCC Executive Board, agreed to the idea of a new policy and suggested moving the discussion to the mailing list.

Will thanked everybody for attending the session and reminded them to rate the talks.