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RIPE 52 NCC Services Working Group Session

26 April 2006 16:00 - 17:00

A. Administrative Matters(5 min)

Chairs: Kurt Erik Lindqvist and Bijal Sanghani
Scribe: Ingrid Wijte RIPE NCC
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Minutes RIPE 51 approved

B. Update on RIPE NCC Public Affairs, Roland Perry, RIPE NCC (10 min)

Rob Blokzijl welcomed Roland to the NCC, and asked the community for
support in his new role. The community can be helpful with identifying
the correct people to speak to in their governments.

C. Hostcount++ Beta, Andrei Robachevsky, RIPE NCC (10 min)

There were no questions.

D. Report from the RIPE NCC, Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC (10 min)

No questions

E. RIPE NCC Resources Certification, Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC (10 min)

Kurtis Lindqvist said that it is good to move the certification
forward. The question is how, how to deal with the open issues.

Axel Pawlik said that the RIPE NCC will circulate a paper on the
topics of this presentation on the mailing lists and start the

Rob Blokzijl reiterated that this will not be a policy document as
there are lots of open issues left.

Wilfried Woeber said he thinks this is a good development but that
legacyspace needs to be looked at carefully. He would like to see a
vision, time plan, an application note of what the holders of legacy
resources can do with these certificates in real life. The community
should be asked for opinions on this.

Axel Pawlik said that this will probably be used in a secure routing
arena. So it is possible that the operators community will adopt to
not route uncertified address space. This might have the effect of
bringing the holders of legacy space home.

Wilfried Woeber said that he is still recovering from all the
difficulties to get PKI certificates and implementing X509. It is very
important to think real carefully about how to implement this.

F. Open Mic.(5 min)

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