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Version 1.0
Chair: Hans Petter Holen
Scribe: Paul Tate, RIPE NCC Hostmaster
Participants: approximately 68
RIPE 33 - Local IR Working Group Final Agenda
1. Admin
participant list
meet the RIPE NCC hostmasters
2. RIPE 32
3. Reports from the Registries
RIPE: Paula Caslav
APNIC: Paul Wilson
ARIN: Micahel O'Neill
New Regional R (Africa & S. America)
brief status by Daniel Karrenberg
4. Tagging IP addresses for Anti Spam purposes
5. AOB
Action Points LIR-WG RIPE 32
Done: NCC: Web interface to RIPE 141.
Announce, receive comments, and make source public
Done: NCC: Get IPv6 Guidelines in place
Done: NCC: write up suggestion on lowering AW from /19
Done: Guy Davies, UUnet: Start discussion on list on max allocation size
and internal aggregation needs for large networks
Done: NCC: Make pretty address statistics charts
Done: NCC: IP adresses to cable networks
Document current IANA policy and align practice with other IRRs
Everybody: Participate in policies for IPv6 discussion
Open: tagging of IP addresses for anti SPAM
Tagging IP addresses for anti SPAM measures
presentation on how the Dialup User List implemented by
Paul Vixie
discussion on the usefulness of adding mechanisms to the
RIPE database
took place. Daniel Karrenberg proposed a more general mechanism that
would solve this and other needs
Passed on to the db wg
Action points lir-wg@RIPE 33
All previous actions DONE
Many thanks to the RIPE NCC for the good work !
(And to Paula in particular)
NO new actions added