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RIPE 32: TLD-WG Summary

Place: Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Date: 28 January 1999
Chair: Niall O'Reilly
Scribe: Hans Niklasson

Participants: 23
ccTLD Registries represented: 8

Current Actions

Overdue minutes
Status of whois referral mechanism
All closed
Re-organisation needed
Some areas to be merged
Explicit reference to liaison DNS-WG
NIC FR directory project: demo at Vienna
Whois referral
Presentation by João Damas
Current implementation is just what is needed


Progress update from Fay Howard
CENTR ExCo now elected
CENTR to incorporate in near future
RIPE CENTR project to terminate by 30 June 1999
Fay Howard presented current status
"Fresh approach" from IE Registry
ICANN pressing for DNSO proposal by 5 Feb 1999


Relationship RIPE & TLD-WG <--> CENTR

New Actions

TLD-32.1 [Chair]
Update Workplan
TLD-32.2 [Chair]
Determine DNS-SEC plans and need for support from DNS-WG
TLD-32.3 [Chair]
Advise DB-WG of number of registries planning to use RIPE whois code
TLD-32.4 [Philippe Renaut]
Present NIC-FR directory work at Vienna
TLD-32.5 [Mike Norris]
Co-ordinate review of RIPE-152