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RIPE IPv6 WG minutes for RIPE 57, Dubai

WG: IPv6
Meeting: RIPE 57, Dubai
Date: Thursday, 20 Oct 2008
Time: 11:00 - 12:30 (UTC +0400)
Chair: David Kessens
Minutes: Robert Kisteleki
J-Scribe: Arno Meulenkamp

A. Administrative Matters * Welcome
* Select a scribe
* Jabber Monitor
* Microphone Etiquette

B. Update From the RIPE NCC: IPv6 Services
Andrei Robachevsky, RIPE NCC

There were no questions.

C. Report(s) About ACTUAL IPv6 Traffic Volume Compared to IPv4

C1. Native IPv6 Traffic Trends at AMS-IX
Henk Steenman (AMSIX)

There were no questions.

C2. Observations on IPv6 Usage in Sweden Kurtis Lindqvist (Netnod)

Question (Randy Bush): Are you going to maintain this?

Kurtis: Yes, if there's interest.

D. Follow-up Discussion: Global IPv6 Routing Table Status
Gert Doering

D1. A customer experience with IPv6, AVIRA

Question (Randy Bush): We don't know what we're measuring - we could be measuring an increased sales curve in a product or an increased size of their update package. I am sure that longitudinal data in this one would be very exciting.

D2. Global IPv6 Routing Table Status - Gert Doering

Question (Lorenzo Colitti): Why are you accepting anything outside the unicast block?

Gert: Good point.

E. A versatile platform for DNS metrics with its application to IPv6
Stéphane Bortzmeyer

There were no questions.

F. Consistent IPv6 Peering Addressing & Cleaner IPv6 Routing
Martin Levy

Question (Randy Bush): Could you put together a recommendation on the address assignment exchanges to AS?

Martin: Yes, I can do it.

G. IETF Report on IPv4 - IPv6 Co-Existence
Jari Arkko

Question (Randy Bush): For people who are doing IPv6 transition, Jari is one of the people in the IETF who can get you what you need. If he has talked about something that isn't meeting your needs, now is the time to say it.

David Kessens: One thing I am very concerned about is the situation where you have a dual stack IPv4-IPv6 network and you have different applications running, some that know about IPv6, some that don't. I see a lot of opportunities for horrible mix-ups happening if you try technology transition into the network.

H. Developments/Initiatives Regarding IPv6 in the RIPE Region and Beyond

No discussion.

Y. Input for the RIPE NCC Activity Plan

No discussion.

Z. A.O.B.