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Guidelines for RIPE Working Group Interim Sessions

RIPE Working Groups (WGs) usually meet during RIPE Meetings, held twice a year. However, RIPE WGs are welcome to hold interim sessions online, outside RIPE Meetings, to keep working on issues of interest to them. These interim sessions should follow RIPE principles by being open to everyone and transparent.

Would you like to organise an interim working group session? The RIPE NCC staff can help you.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Ask the relevant Working Group Chair(s) to inform the RIPE NCC Eventsteam
    and the RIPE Chair team at least two weeks before the planned session.
  • The RIPE NCC team will set up a Zoom meeting, enable a passcode and waiting
    room, ensure there is secretarial support to keep minutes, record and archive the

Some additional details to keep in mind:

  • Policy making still only takes place on the mailing lists.
  • Please ensure that all sessions are announced publicly in advance.
  • Please provide sufficient advance notice so that your session receives support.
  • Please ensure that adequate measures are followed to prevent Zoom bombing, for example, by reminding participants not to share the Zoom link on social media and other public forums, and by sending the Zoom invite one day before the session.