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DNS WG Chair Selection Process

[1] The DNS WG will have N co-chairs. N will normally be 2 or 3, as determined by the WG.

[2] A co-chair will serve a term of N years, where N is the number of co-chairs. Terms will be staggered so that one term expires every year.

[3] The WG will be given adequate notice that a co-chair's term is ending and to invite applications for that position. Anyone can volunteer for appointment except that at the end of a second consecutive term, the outgoing co-chair may not do so.

[4] At the end of a co-chair's term, the WG will decide by consensus who is appointed to the available co-chair position. In the event of a tie, the consensus tied candidates will draw lots.

[5] The WG may decide by consensus to remove a WG co-chair at any time.

[6] Consensus will be determined on the DNS WG mailing list. The consensus judgement will be made by the serving WG co-chair(s) and will exclude the co-chair(s) who is the subject of that consensus judgement.

[7] Any issues relating to the selection or replacement of a co-chair which are not covered by the above will be decided by WG consensus. When the WG is unable to reach consensus, the matter will be referred to the RIPE Chair (or their deputy) whose decision shall be final.

[8] Any appeal over a consensus decision will be heard by the RIPE Chair (or their deputy) whose decision shall be final.