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Open Source Working Group Minutes RIPE 80

Thursday, 14 May 14:30 – 14:45 (UTC+2)
Chairs: Martin Winter, Ondřej Filip
Scribe: Pedro Vaz
Status: Final

A. Administrative Matters

This presentation is available here:

The chairs welcomed attendees and said they would have a shorter session at this RIPE Meeting.

There were no changes to the agenda.

B. nDPI Encrypted Traffic Analysis

Luca Deri, ntop

This presentation is available here:

Jim Reid, RTFM llp, asked if there were any plans to extend this to DNS over HTTP or TLS (DoH, DoT).

Luca said it was already able to detect this and this was part of nDPI.

Rafał Suchecki, ORG-SMLS3-RIPE, asked how much space a server needed to keep the data for one year.

Luca said this depended on the amount of traffic. He had some links he could share with more details.

Ondřej Caletka, RIPE NCC, asked if the fingerprinting worked with TLS 1.3 for every service certificate encrypted.

Luca replied that it was possible to do this. They were not able to decode the certificate, but could decode the client part.

End of session.