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RIPE 29: TLD-WG Summary

Place: Park Plaza, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Date: 29 January 1998
Chair: Niall O'Reilly
Scribe: Niall Murphy

Participants: 61
nTLD Registries represented: 18
Apologies: AM, IL, LV TLD's; Christopher Wilkinson

Adopted as the minutes of the RIPE 29 TLD-WG session at RIPE 32

Current Actions

All closed.


Certain items transferred to other areas.
Resulting empty areas dropped.

IANA Situation

Briefings from Rob Blokzijl, Daniel Karrenberg, Paul Ridley (this last based on information provided by Christopher Wilkinson).


Task Force draft presented by Marcel Schneider.
RIPE CENTR proposal presented by Paul Ridley.

Most registries represented need time to review the proposal.

New Action

NL registry to convene meeting of nTLD administrators to respond to the CENTR proposal.