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RIPE 59 ENUM Working Group

Working Group: ENUM
WG Chairs: Carsten Schiefner, (Niall O'Reilly for agenda item Y)
Scribe: Alex le Heux
Jabber: Pedro Vaz
Date: 09 October 2009
Time: 09:00 - 10:30

A. Administrivia

- Carsten Schiefner took the chair, welcomed the participants, alerted them to an additional parallel session, introduced the support team, and gave the usual practical reminders.

B. Minutes RIPE 58

- The chair reminded the participants that the minutes had been approved on 2 September, 2009.

C. Review Action List

Action items:

ENUM-WP-AP-58.1: Question to list regarding stats on non-delegated country codes - CLOSED

D.1. Presentation: on the Portuguese NREN (VoIP@RCTS)
Rui Ribeiro, Foundation for National Scientific Computing

Niall O'Reilly said he was interested to hear more about the involvement with telephone operators. He said there was good participation and asked if it needed lots of persuasion.

Rui responded yes and explained that the organisation is a non-profit organisation. This is a kind of trial to see how it runs and operates.

Niall asked if regulator support was important.

Rui said that there was some support.

Niall asked if the regulator helped with persuasion.

Rui said that he was not sure.

Peter Koch (DENIC) asked if Rui could figure out together with Anand if there was a connection between the number of queries from .pt and Rui's project. Peter continued that this is only available for countries that do not have ENUM in production and pointed out that on Rui's website there is some overlap; some countries do have ENUM.

Rui explained that the objective is that if there is ENUM then the NREN should make all the effort to pass those numbers. But there are some problems with the validation function and all the things that arpa needs and NRENUM doesn't. So there may be some bureaucracy that is needed to shift the numbers to arpa. That's why there is overlap. But the idea is that if there is arpa then that should be used.

Carsten Schiefner (DENIC) asked to see a relocation of the Portuguese tree to

Rui said that this will be shown in his next presentation.

Carsten commented about the call distribution pie chart and asked if the NRENUM part was just national calls. He said that these zones are not populated and wondered if anything can be found there,

Rui said that the network is very sparse. There are 100 institutions on the NRENUM so the possibility of calls is small.

D2. Portuguese ENUM. Why doesn't it rise. Why doesn't it die?
Rui Ribeiro, , Foundation for National Scientific Computing

There were no questions.

Anand Buddhev, RIPE NCC

Peter Koch (DENIC) asked if the chart showed the percentage of total traffic or of NXDOMAIN traffic.

Anand responded that it was the percentage of NXDOMAIN traffic.

E.2. Update from RIPE NCC Registration Services
(No slides)

Laura Cobley (RIPE NCC Registration Services) explained that there was a request from Jordan, +962, which was completed in June 2009. She continued that on the adminstrative side, there was some paperwork that was missing from the list. This has now been fixed and forwarded and in the future you should see all paparwork on the list.

She added that there was also a request from +8835100 which is stalled as the RIPE NCC is waiting for them to update their name servers.

F. Short News

F1. Update
Global ENUM Status
Niall O'Reilly

There were no questions.

X. Interaction With Other Working Groups

Carsten commented that there seemed to be no reason at the moment to interact with other working groups.


Niall O'Reilly took the chair for this item.

Carsten said that there was an announcement from and said that it is a call forwarding service based on ENUM technology. He continued that a full presentation will be given at RIPE 60 in Prague.

Z. Close

There were no open action items and no new action items. After thanking the participants and support team, Carsten declared the meeting closed.