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Minutes from the RIPE IPv6-wg

Chairman : Thomas Trede, Nacamar, Germany
Scribe : Bernard Tuy, UREC, France
Attendance: xx persons present
Agenda : sent to the mailing list before the meeting
. 6bone (F. Dupont)
Presenting 6bone maps (sites and core)
more than 120 sites are now connected to the 6bone
(representing #30 countries)
A new addressing scheme (cf related IETF IDs at
is being to be deployed. Top Level Aggregators (in fact, pseudo TLAs) have
begun to be allocated to people matching the conditions to get one.
The pseudo TLAs (pTLAs) list is available at
As an example the aggregated addressing plan in France is shown.

To a question from BT :
4 people claimed to be deploying this aggregated plan,
many are connected to the 6bone and less are using IPv6 ... !
. IPv6 Registry (D. Kessens)
fully operational yet (
miror sites : and
26 countries are now registered
One can find a new whois client able to solve external references at
Inet-num-ipv6 object attributes : (refer to David's Internet Draft
for the syntax to use to fill every attribute)
ipv6-site :
prefix: multiple if needed
application : apps running at that site
tunnel: multiple if needed to describe the topology of the site
contact: NIC-handle from RIPE, InterNIC or 6bone-NIC ...
url: how to get more info on this site
Test address allocation:
same object as in IPv4 except the inetnum label !
. Last IETF meeting (Munich, Germany, Aug. 1997) (Francis Dupont)
NGtrans-wg : see the minutes of the meeting already sent by email
. tools : the translation between IPv4 and IPv6 headers (NAT,...)
is under discussion, various solutions are being considered.
Cisco has an implementation (the S/w is available from P. Marques)
. 6bone : a new domain has been set up (
BGP4+ is getting the consensus. Strong opposition from Cisco to BGP5
Implemented by : Cisco, Digital, GateD, Telebit
Core backbone sites of the 6bone as to move to the new aggregated
addressing scheme before Dec 1st.
IPng-wg : see the minutes of the meeting already sent by email
. Advancing the IPv6 specifications and related documents to standards
. large discussion with the flow label identifier (why and how to use
it ?),
still open over the mailing list
. strong consensus for the MTU specifications (minimal is moving from
576 to 1300)
ION-wg :
. G. Armitage proposal is the only one today
using MARS for multicasting, NHRP for external routing and Neighbor
Discovery for local routing.
NBMA's are limited to ATM only today
IDR-wg : BGP4+
will replace RIPng in the core backbone, before the end of the year.
IPSEC-wg :
New drafts are expected, since the 182x serie seems to be obsolete
Multicast :
no consistent progress except we have to have new specs based on
the new IGMPv2 RFC.
Implementations :
refer to the SUN web page (
RIPE IPv6 address assignment :
Noone in the audience claimed to need an IPv6 address space allocated
Other wg's input :