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RIPE NCC Services



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Thursday, October 5th 2006 16:00 - 17:00

A. Administrative Matters

  • Welcome
  • Chairs: Kurt Erik Lindqvist and Bijal Sanghani
  • Scribe: Agata Peszkowska RIPE NCC
  • Distributed participant list
  • Finalised agenda
  • Minutes RIPE 52 approved

B. RIPE NCC Update, Vision and Focus 2007: Proposed Changes to Activities in 2007
Axel Pawlik RIPE NCC

Axel asked for volunteers for the Task Force?
Gert Doering, Ruediger Volk and Nigel Titley volunteered.


  • Max Tulyev commented that RIPE NCC should educate ISPs on new technologies (eg. DNSEC, ENUM, IPv6) and their implementation.
  • Axel Pawlik agreed that this kind of input can be conceived as stepping on the toes of businesses offering such services.
  • Lars-Johan Liman agreed. The RIPE NCC should be an organisation that does things on request of the RIPE community. It should not have its own agenda, pushing advertising and such.
  • Max Tulyev stated he was talking about presentations to target groups and lectures at universities.
  • Axel commented that the RIPE NCC relies on LIRs to stimulate these activities in their own areas. The RIPE NCC is awaiting input and ideas.

C. Training Services update - Rumy Kanis RIPE NCC

Rumy introduced the Training Services team and asked if anyone had visited the E-Learning Centre. Two people responded that they had.

There were no questions.

D. Open Microphone Session

Kurt Lindqvist strongly encouraged attendees to participate in discussions and come forward with any issues of concern.

  • There was a discussion in the Database working group about e-mail security. The RIPE NCC mail servers don't support Transport layer Security (TLS). Would it be possible for the RIPE NCC to assess the situation and see whether it can be enabled?

    Action RIPE NCC: Andrei Robachevsky of the RIPE NCC, agreed that the RIPE NCC would investigate and report back at/by the next RIPE Meeting.

    There was general support for this in the room.

  • Max Tulyev proposed that a charging scheme should be implemented for IPv6 minimum allocations and Provider Independant (PI) space.

    Kurtis Lindqvist advised that this should be brought up in the RIPE NCC General Meeting.