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Connect WG Chair Selection Process

The process for selecting a new chair, as agreed by the working group at RIPE 87, RIPE 75 and RIPE 72, is as follows:

  1. A call for interested parties is made on the WG mailing list at least every three years, or whenever needed.
  2. Interested parties have two weeks to make their interest known via the mailing list, or directly to the Chair(s).
  3. After two weeks, the Chair(s) ensure that all candidates are announced on the mailing list and issue a call for discussion.
  4. WG members express their approval or otherwise of the presented candidates.
  5. Two weeks after the call for discussion, the Chair(s) declare a decision, based on mailing list discussion, as they would do for a policy proposal.

The guidelines proposed at RIPE 69 still apply:

  • Chairs are selected for a three-year term, after which the term automatically expires, unless the chairs are re-appointed by the working group.
  • The selection process may take place in a staggered manner to ensure continuity.
  • The aim is to have a minimum of two co-chairs.