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Wednesday, 13 May 2020, 16:00 - 16:45 / 17:00 - 17:45
Co-Chairs: Bijal Sanghani, Kurt Erik Lindqvist, Rob Evans
Scribes: Philip Homburg / Hisham Ibrahim
Status: Final

A. Administrative Matters

Kurtis Lindqvist, WG Co-Chair

Presentation available at:

The minutes from RIPE 79 were approved.

B. Hiring a New Managing Director

Christian Kaufmann, RIPE NCC Executive Board Chair

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Will Hargrave, LONAP, asked how much selection of the new Managing Director had cost.

Christian said he was not going to give a specific number, but speaking generally it was interesting that the quotes from the three executive search companies had been very close to one another. In the end they had made their decision based on the company that understood them best rather than on price.

James Blessing, Jisc Collections / JANET, asked if it would be better to have a succession plan in place for when the next Managing Director left.

Christian said this would be a good idea provided there was enough advance warning to plan over a longer horizon. However, because the board had past experience with the RIPE NCC’s Management Team, they did not think that the whole thing would break – so having strong management could be part of the succession plan.

C. RIPE NCC Update

Hans Petter Holen, RIPE NCC Managing Director

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There were no questions.

End of first session.

D. RIPE NCC Operational Update

Felipe Victolla Silveira, RIPE NCC Chief Operations Officer

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Ron da Silva, Network Technologies Global, asked if the new LIRs that had joined as the RIPE NCC approached the end of its IPv4 pool were really just after addresses to resell.

Felipe said it was hard to know what they were going to do with the resources, as they would have to keep them for two years before they could be transferred. He personally believed that many were planning to resell their addresses, though it was hard to say for certain.

Peter Hessler, KLEO Connect, said that when the RIPE NCC reviewed the legal aspects of the RPKI service, it should make sure to publish the public key for the TAL (Trust Anchor Locator). Many organisations were not willing or able to sign such an agreement and the lack of publicly-available TAL would kill RPKI uptake.

Martin Levy, Cloudflare, asked if the situation regarding the sanctioned LIRs in Syria/Iran affected RPKI in any way.

Felipe said those LIRs hadn’t deployed RPKI, so they hadn’t needed to do anything there.

James Kennedy, Liberty Global, asked if there were plans to integrate RPKI for Provider Independent (PI) End Users into the sponsoring LIR’s RPKI dashboard. The separate wizard for PI resources was a bit cumbersome.

Felipe thanked James for the input and said if this wasn’t on their roadmap, it should be.

End of second session.