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Local IR Working Group
Summary of Meeting at RIPE 29
Daniel Karrenberg reported on IANA developments. US government
funding for IANA would soon expire and new structures were being
discussed. The prospect was that registries would be involved in a
new global authority whose functions would include address allocation.
Marjam Kuhne reported on the NCC's regional registry activities.
There were now 8.5 hostmasters, working in teams that dealt with
specific countries. Response time was 1 - 2 days. Automation
included a new hostmaster robot ([email protected]) and a tool
for request checking. Auditing and monitoring (see ripe-170) were
ongoing work functions, while more DNS quality control was planned.
External auditing of LIRs records was in progress. Courses for LIRs
continued to be provided where needed and were as popular as ever.
Anne Lord reported on the the Asia-Pacific registry, which would
soon move to Brisbane, Australia. There were 200 members and
a new director general would soon be elected, following the
resignation of David Conrad.
Daniel Karrenberg reported that the American Regional Internet
Registry was now up and running. Membership is at 130 and growing
fast, while Kim Hubbard heads a staff of 18 people.
Allocation Policy
The document ripe-155 expired at the end of 1997. This means that
addresses from RIPE NCC's former class A allocation (
will now be allocated in the normal way i.e. according to ripe-159.
People should be aware that some implementations of allegedly
classes routing protocols did not work properly.
Bill Manning had conducted a survey of the reverse DNS and found
that the RIPE area was 70 - 80% correct. RIPE NCC would produce
statistics in this area that would be of use to LIRs.
Role of LIR
In the light of ongoing changes in Internet structures, not least the
incorporation of the RIPE NCC, the role of the LIR WG as a watchdog
and in consensus building may need re-examination. Mike Norris
would get a discussion going on the mailing list.