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Connect Working Group Minutes RIPE 82

Tuesday, 18 May, 14:30-15:30 

WG co-chairs: Florence Lavroff, Remco van Mook, Will van Gulik
Scribe: Hans Bakker
Status: Final

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1. Opening

Remco van Mook

The presentation is available at:

2. Housekeeping

The minutes from RIPE 81 were accepted as final. There were no questions or comments. Remco reminded the attendees that the chat would be archived and made available.

The Working Group Chair selection process will be published on the mailing list. Comments can be made in a reply to the mailing list.

3. IXP Traffic in the Covid Era

Simone Morandini, MIX-IT

The presentation is available at:

Rob Evans (Jisk) asked which dates the ESPANIX graph comparing Sunday and Monday covered and if it was the Easter weekend.

Simone replied that he didn’t know which exact days the dates represented.

4. Euro-IX Update

Bijal Sanghani, Euro-IX

The presentation is available at:

Kostas Zorbadelos (Canal + Telecom) asked how IXPDB compares to PeeringDB and if they have overlapping information.

Bijal answered that it does have information that is available in PeeringDB. However, the data source is limited to IXPs whereas the main source of IXP data and the PeeringDB is from networks (unless you have the IXF JSON configured in PeeringDB). So IXPs or networks that want to enable it can do that through PeeringDB as well.

Farzaneh Badiei (Yale) asked if Euro-IX does have any special programme to incentivise the members to adopt MANRS, beyond having presentations about MANRS? She also wanted to know how many Euro-IX members have adopted them.

Bijal replied saying she didn’t know how many of the EURO-IX members have adopted MANRS and clarified that EURO-IX does not have a dedicated MANRS programme, but supports the existing MANRS programme run by ISOC.

5. Open Discussion

Remco van Mook wanted to draw attention to a presentation that was submitted to the Programme Committee about GAIA-X, a new European project set-up by a number of large companies (AMS-IX, DE-CEX amongst others) that proposes a European sovereign data infrastructure. The Programme Committee did not accept this presentation, but the topic is interesting for this WG from various perspectives: there are some interesting founder members and some interesting choices to be made. Remco hopes the WG will hear more from GAIA-X in the future.

Daniel Karrenberg (RIPE NCC) added that GAIA-X is intriguing. He sees a good intention to develop an industry that can provide services in our own region that are currently being provided by Amazon, Google and other private companies outside our region. However he also had some questions about the initiative.

Remco said that discussing this without anyone from GAIA-X people in the room was not ideal. He proposed having this discussion at RIPE 83, so that everyone has time to prepare and gather insights and with the right people present at the meeting.

Erik Bais (A2B Internet) said that Dutch anti-abuse communities have discussed how far Internet Exchanges can be asked to stop serving routes from networks that are doing bad things. Is it possible to provide a non-discriminatory list that provides a basis to discern bad hosts that networks might not want to peer with. Organisations placed on such a list would need to do additional work with the route server to continue peering with the network, and so that other members are no longer bothered by them. How could such a list be created?

Will van Gulik added that this was a really good point. He recommended bringing this question to the mailing list for further discussion.

Harry Cross (speaking for himself) noted that he finds the concept of deplatforming worrying. Thresholds for this will have to be made very apparent, providing clear details of what offenses earn an ISP a place on the list.

Remco suggested taking this conversation to the mailing list.

6. Closure

Florence Lavroff asked for feedback about the open discussion slot at the end of the Working Group session.

There were no comments.

On behalf of the Working Group Chairs, Florence closed the Connect Working Group session at RIPE 82.