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Test Traffic Working Group
RIPE 57, Dubai
Thursday, 30 October, 11:00-12:30
Side Room
Scribe: Fergal Cunningham, RIPE NCC
Jabber Monitor: Ingrid Wijte, RIPE NCC

A. Administrative Matters

The working group co-Chair, Henk Uijterwaal, welcomed the attendees and opened the session. Henk explained that Ian Meikle, co-Chair, had intended to chair the session but was unfortunately unable to make it to Dubai. The minutes from the working group session at RIPE 56 were approved. There were no updates to the agenda.

B. IETF IPPM Working Group Update - Henk Uijterwaal, RIPE NCC


Henk reported on the work of the IETF IP Performance Metrics (IPPM) Working Group, the background of the group and the work it has planned for the future. Henk concluded by saying that the IPPM WG values contributions and any comments and suggestions should be sent to the mailing list. There were no questions.

C. TTM Network Update - Ruben van Staveren, RIPE NCC


Ruben gave an update on the RIPE NCC's TTM service status for the period Q2 2008 - Q4 2008. He also spoke about the RIPE NCC's plans for TTM in the upcoming year.

Brian Nisbet, HEANET, thanked the RIPE NCC' Information Services team. He mentioned that Dave Wilson, HEANET, thanked the team in yesterday's Routing WG session and wanted to mention again the help that HEANET had received from the IS team with matters such as switching IP Addresses and AS numbers.

There were no questions.

D. TTM Developments - Franz Schwarzinger, RIPE NCC


Franz gave an update on the following RIPE NCC Information Services:

  • Routing Information Services
  • Hostcount
  • Test Traffic Measurement
  • Ad Hoc Measurements (a relatively new service. Franz also gave a live demo of this service)

Franz said that people could sign up for TTM at, and outlined the costs and the benefits. He also mentioned the development of a new alarms framework.

There were no questions.

Z. A.O.B./General Discussion

There was no other business.

Henk asked people to attend RIPE 58 in Amsterdam and to get in contact with Henk or Ian via the working group mailing list if they would like to present during the RIPE 58 Test Traffic Working Group session.

The session ended.