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RIPE 69 Working Group Chair Meeting Summary

Novotel London West Hotel – London
6 November 2014

    1. Welcome/Intro
    2. Administrative/Technical Overview of RIPE 69
    3. Enjoying a RIPE Meeting
    4. The WG Chair Procedures
    5. Evaluation Deadlines for Agendas
    6. RIPE Meeting Session Allotments per Working Group
    7. Potentially Moving ENUM WG to Inactive
    8. After-Meeting Hour Support at RIPE Meetings
    9. RIPE 70 Meeting Plan
    10. AOB

Chair: Nick Hyrka
Scribe: Antony Gollan


Jaap Akkerhuis, Rob Blokzijl, João Damas, Gert Doering, Rob Evans, Ondrej Filip, Mihnea-Costin Grigore, Maria Häll, Hans Petter Holen, Christian Kaufmann, Shane Kerr, Florence Lavoff, Kurt Lindqvist, Jen Linkova, Remco van Mook, Niall O'Reilly, Axel Pawlik, Jim Reid, Bijal Sanghani, Carsten Schiefner, Marco Schmidt, Sander Steffann, Benedikt Stockebrand, Nigel Titley, Meredith Whittaker, Martin Winter

Apologies: Alain van Gaever, Tobias Knecht, Peter Koch, Brian Nisbet, Dave Wilson

I. Welcome/Intro

  • There were no changes to the agenda.

II. Administrative/Technical Overview of RIPE 69

  • Issues were noted and discussed regarding: the stage lighting causing issues for presenters, support pillars in the side room obstructing the view, praise for the speed at which presentation videos were posted online, the system for uploading presentation slides working well, the temperature in the meeting rooms, complaints with the food, better-publicising the IPv6-only network, issues paying for the meeting with credit card, improving the online registration workflow.

III. Enjoying a RIPE Meeting

  • WG chairs were reminded that the “Enjoying RIPE Meetings” document was posted online with Nick Hyrka and Mirjam Kühne as the contacts for this.

IV. The WG Chair Procedures

  • Some community members had complained about having to develop separate chair replacement procedures for each WGs.
  • The procedures are now in place for most WGs, which made this a bottom-up allowing each WGs to decide on their own processes.

V. Evaluation Deadlines for Agendas

  • The Collective discussed the approach of ensuring their draft agendas were sent in at least two weeks ahead of each meeting.

VI. RIPE Meeting Session Allotments per Working Group

  • The Collective discussed the approach of only reserving one slot for each WG and allocating the remaining slots depending on their draft agendas.
  • The RIPE Chair will consider releasing slots to the Programme Committee (PC) if there are free slots after the deadline.

VII. Potentially Moving ENUM WG to Inactive

  • It was agreed that the ENUM WG would be officially closed and this would be announced at the closing plenary.

VIII. After-Meeting Hour Support at RIPE Meetings

  • The Collective discussed the after-hour support provided by the RIPE NCC for BoFs. This was also discussed by the PC at their lunch.
  • RIPE Chair will request from the RIPE NCC to add basic sound and a projector but no scribe or webcasting to the evening slots.
  • The BCOP and RACI slots will be put on the agenda if needed, by the RIPE Chair and does not have to be evaluated by the PC.

IX. RIPE 70 Meeting Plan

  • The RIPE NCC will prepare a draft for the next RIPE Meeting and share it with the Collective for discussion and approval.


  • Several WG Chairs would like to include feedback forms on the RIPE Meeting website.
  • Chairs will request this from the RIPE NCC on a per WG basis.