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Connect Working Group Minutes RIPE 76

Date: Wednesday, 16 May 2018
Chairs: Remco van Mook, Florence Lavroff
Scribe: Marco Hogewoning
Status: Final

1. Opening

Remco opened the meeting and thanked the RIPE NCC for providing the scribe and chat monitor.

2. Chair Selection Process

The presentation is available at:

Remco explained that following the procedure, an invitation for nominations was sent to the mailing list and as there were no responses before the deadline, the decision on what to do would be left with the current chairs.

It was pointed out that Will van Gulik (RomandIX) showed some interest after the deadline. Remco announced that Will would be added as a co-chair of the Connect Working Group after this meeting. The Working Group welcomed this decision with applause.

3. Managing Customer Insights on a Distributed Exchange - Jerry Grondel, NL-IX

The presentation is available at:

Jerry presented about NL-IX’ management dashboard, there were no questions for him.

4. MANRS IXP Programme: Making the Internet More Secure - Andrei Robachevsky

The presentation is available at:

Andrei presented on efforts to expand the MANRS Programme and include Internet Exchange Points.

Nurani Nimpuno (Asteroid International) commented that MANRS is a great initiative and including the IXPs was completing the picture, providing an opportunity to lead by example.

Andreas Polyrakis (GRNET) on behalf of the Greek IX said that they were aiming to join as soon as possible. He mentioned that they were thinking of providing some incentive to their members for joining as well, for instance by giving a discount. He asked Andrei if there were any tools available to automate compliance testing, such as an API.

Andrei answered that a website re-design was being worked on and he would consider adding an API to this.

Remco van Mook (Asteroid International) mentioned that route filtering is a very contentious subject and asked if Andrei could confirm his observations.

Andrei answered that it was in fact DDOS mitigation by blackholing that was the most controversial and that it got removed from the requirements lists.

5. IXPDB - Bijal Sanghani, Euro-IX

The presentation is available at:

Bijal provided an update on the IXPDB initiative, there were no questions.

6. PeeringDB - Arnold Nipper, PeeringDB

The presentation is available at:

Arnold gave an overview of recent changes at PeeringDB.

Falk von Bornsteadt (Deutsche Telekom) recommended that everybody check that their details were correct, stating that he hoped that Deutsche Telekom’s were updated.

Arnold mentioned that unfortunately Telekom’s IP details were incorrect and agreed that keeping data accurate was very important.

7. Dynam-IX: A Dynamic Interconnection eXchangeMarco Chiesa, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

The presentation is available at:

8. Connect Update – Florence Lavroff

The presentation is available at:

Florence invited the audience to take note of the information provided and asked Wolfgang Tremmel (DE-CIX) to come on stage and present about the renumbering of the DE-CIX peering LAN.

Wolfgang urged the attendees to check that their routers were configured with the new subnet mask and listed those who hadn’t done so.

9. Feedback – Remco van Mook

The presentation is available at:

Remco asked the audience to provide feedback about this session.

Nina Bargisen (Netflix) mentioned she didn’t come out of her seat, stating that she and other attendees should be more active in asking questions and debating solutions.

Bengt Gorden (Resilians AB) mentioned that the mailing list, where the work should be done, was also very quiet.

Remco responded that as chairs they can only try and motivate people, but this activity has to come from the participants and Working Group members.

This sparked a debate between Martin Levy (Cloudflare) and others that it is in the nature of the working group whether activity should take place on the mailing list, like with policy proposals, or just in the room during meetings.

Paul Hoogsteder (MEANIE) asked if there was still anybody who built prefix-list filters manually based on mailing list announcements.

When nobody responded, Paul suggested to ban those messages from IXP mailing lists.

Paul’s suggestion was met with applause. Remco concluded that it was a helpful suggestion to IXP operators.

A participant commented there were not many newcomers talking and asking questions and suggested organising a more informal session to lower that barrier.

Remco remarked that logistics were challenging but the chairs would think about the options.

Tahar Schaa (Germany Ministry of the Interior) mentioned that the Address Policy Working Group, in a parallel session, had been discussing the IPv4 address reservation for Internet Exchange Points. Asking if people felt an extension would be needed.

Remco invited the meeting to take note and consider raising a policy proposal in the Address Policy Working Group.

Remco thanked everybody for their participation and closed the meeting.