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RIPE 57 ENUM WG Minutes
Wednesday, 29 October 2008, Dubai, UAE
Chair: Niall O'Reilly
Scribe: Nathalie Trenaman

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A. Administrative Matters

  • Welcome
  • Select a scribe
  • Jabber Monitor
  • Microphone Etiquette
  • Finalise agenda

B. Minutes of ENUM Working Group at RIPE 56, Berlin

The minutes were already approved by email.

C. Review Action List

56.1 [Jim Reid] - Edit guidance document regarding operational problems.

No input has been received so far, so there is no progress on this action point.

OPEN: Jim asked for input again.

D. Main Presentations

D1: +44 Update
Denesh Bhabuta (UK ENUM Consortium (UKEC))

Sergey Petrov: ENUM numbers are resources, like IP addresses. Why don't you use a database for validation, just like the RIPE Database for IP addresses?

Denesh Bhabuta: In the UK there are different telco providers that give out different number blocks. We need to validate that a phone number belongs to a user. Validating a number block to a telco is not an issue. The issue is validating the number or the block of numbers that belong to an organisation. There could be disputes arising. For example, I wouldn't want someone else registering an ENUM number which is my number.

Carsten Schiefner (via Jabber): Where do you see +44 ENUM going compared to other countries?

Denesh Bhabuta: Personally, I am not entirely sure of the immediate future of this. In the long term, there are various ENUM applications. We are hoping people come up with ENUM applications that will bring ENUM forward. There are various public relations things going on and we are making people aware in the UK, although people are not really aware of ENUM in general.

Various directors from the UK ENUM Consortium (UKEC) go to other meetings and we are increasing awareness right now in the UK. We hope it is going to have major take up.

In the short term, we believe that it is mainly organisations that will take this up. From my own point of view, within a couple of years or so, the end user population is probably going to take it on.

Carsten Schiefner (via Jabber): Is Carrier Registrations in User ENUM (CRUE) still available in +44 ENUM?

Denesh Bhabuta: Yes, Nominet is working on that and we'll get an update next week.

Carsten Schiefner (via Jabber): In terms of registration figures, we have not seen steep figures yet across the board.

Denesh Bhabuta: No, we haven't.

E. ENUM Operations

E1: Tier-0 Report
Anand Buddhev (RIPE NCC)

Peter Koch: Regarding the un-delegated prefixes, I am concerned about the "0" being in there so prominently. This seems to be a severe bug in the application unless you have indications that somebody is 'fat-fingering' and doing manual dig queries. This, I guess, is not the case given the numbers there. Do you see any point in doing some deeper research into what application is behind this and what might get rid of these queries? Not that they are operationally risky, but just to keep the Internet clean.

Anand Buddhev: Operationally they cause no problems and I am happy to analyse it further and figure out where these queries are coming from.

Peter Koch: Despite all our efforts, it is in an early development phase and some feedback to vendors might prevent bad things happening in the future.

Brett Carr (via Jabber): When you looked at lameness, were there any countries showing all name servers as lame?

Anand Buddhev: No.

Carsten Schiefner (via Jabber): Are there any participants from Turkey, India and/or Portugal present, and if so, maybe they can give us an update about the status in their respective countries as it seems there is potential?

There was no response from the audience.

F. Short News

F1: Update
Niall O'Reilly (UCD)

There were no questions.

F2: ENUM Federation
Ondrej Filip (ENUM Federation)

Christian de Larrinaga: Are you looking to develop branding that suppliers will use, or are you looking at branding that ENUM registries and registrars can use themselves? This is something rather different.

Ondrej Filip: The plan is to cover all these things, but that is quite ambitious.

Carsten Schiefner (via Jabber): Are there any further prospects besides the founding members?

Ondrej Filip: There are three registries that are planning to join.

X: Interaction With Other Working Groups

Address Policy Working Group Policy Proposal 2008-05

Niall O'Reilly: The Address Policy Working Group has a proposal that involves anycast for ENUM Tier-1 and Tier-0 operations. This document was discussed earlier in the week and seems to need further work.

There was no response.