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Minutes of the Routing Working Group held at RIPE 47, Amsterdam,
Tuesday, 27th January 2004, 16:00 - 17.30.

Session 1:

* Administrivia
(Joao Damas)

Chair: Joao Damas
Scribe: Arife Vural, RIPE NCC
Minutes from R46: No comments -> approved!
Actions from R46: None

* Call for Participation: Inter-Domain Routing Workshop

Inter-Domain Routing Workshop will be held on 1-2 May, 2004 in
Amsterdam just before RIPE48. Number of attendees is limited. If
you are planning to attend, it's better to sign up as soon as


Email list:
[email protected]

* Notification on RIPE Routing Registry courses

Upcoming RIPE Routing Registry courses can be seen from

* RISwhois - mapping IP to ASN using RIS collected BGP data
(Rene Wilhelm)

A new interface to data collected by RIS project. That allows
IP address matching to AS number.


"Are withdrawals and updates are counted?" RIB data is used.

"All AS are listed?" Yes

"How do you handle AS-set?" It is recorded and it's listed as
different objects.

* IGP Fast Convergence in a ISP Backbone
(Clarence Filsfils)

This case study is about the convergence of IS-IS protocol and comes up
with some suggestion how to get a better convergence time.


"Was there propagation delay?" Comeback on few slides. In the study
case, we do not have to many hopes because of that you do not have
much propagation delay.

"Which one is prioritized?" /32 is first converged, and then the rest.

* Operator Experience from IS-IS Convergence Tuning
(Henrik Villfoer)

This study is done over TeliaSonera network. Motivation for such a
study is to get a fast convergence time like 1 sec for time sensitive
new IP services and see the limit of the protocol, IS-IS. Mostly
Cisco products are used.


"How many LSP do they have?" More than a hundred.

"Suggestion tune the closes max time."

"It would be more interesting if there would be more info about
flooding loops."

* IP Fast Convergence Project
(Nicolas Dubois / Benoit Fondeviole)

France Telecom R&D did this study to how to improve IP convergence
in various protocols. Also did study how to solve the problems
they had in L2TP tunnels, and MPLS/VPN.


"What do you mean by L2TP is used for INTERNET aggregation?"

"When you say the converge problems on MPLS/VPN convergence
problems you refer to which kind of problems?" BGP next-hopt change
and NTP.

"How is one update make a such change on BGP convergence?" Update
to change the FIB.


There is no other business.