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RIPE NCC Services Working Group

Date: 13 May 2015, 16:00

Co-Chairs: Kurtis Lindquist and Bijal Sanghani

Scribe: Michael Frearson

A. Administrative Matters

The minutes from RIPE 69 were approved.

B. RIPE NCC Update - Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC

The presentation is available at:

Kurtis Lindquist asked how many members had registered to vote in the GM, out of how many members that were eligible to vote. Axel answered 550 had registered out of roughly a possible 1,200.

There were no further questions for Axel.

C. RIPE NCC Outreach - Paul Rendek, RIPE NCC

The presentation is available at:

Sergey Myasoedov, NetArt Group,thanked Paul and the RIPE NCC for the regional outreach efforts, along with the hope that these efforts continue.

Shane Kerr, BII, asked if there is attention paid to outreach in the Balkans. Paul replied that the RIPE NCC recently attended SEE 4 in Belgrade, and that the SEE meetings have a great atmosphere and a large attendance. Paul added that the RIPE NCC frequently collaborates with ISOC on various initiatives in the Balkans, helping to provide resources and manpower to assist developments in that area.

Andy Davidson, LONAP / IXLeeds / Allegro Networks (IIX), commented that he enjoys hearing the feedback of what the ER team is doing outside of Western Europe. Andy added that he thinks patience is very important in working in these regions, and therefore congratulations are in order for what the team has achieved. Finally, Andy thanked the RIPE NCC for these outreach efforts.

Alexander Isavnin, Tech S.A.,thanked the ER team for their outreach efforts, adding that the team needs to have patience and also needs to continue undertaking these outreach activities. Alexander asserted that the team has been active for a few years already, and it's now that the results are becoming evident, so it's important for the team to not stop these activities. Alexander added he had noticed in Axel's presentation that Belarus and Croatia had 0 registrations for voting in the GM, which suggests there is still more work to be done in order to engage the membership.

Paul responded that he was initially worried about the success of the satellite offices, but he believes it's important for staff in Amsterdam to see the differences in the way things work outside of Western Europe.
Paul also emphasised that the outreach and engagement work done in this area is a direct outcome of the membership surveys and other feedback collected from the membership.

D. Technical Update - Kaveh Ranjbar, RIPE NCC

The presentation is available at:

Nurani Nimpuno, Netnod, asked Kaveh how he sees the plans for the coming years in terms of increasing K-root's footprint – in particular, if the expansion has a limit. Kaveh responded that, at the moment, there is no specific limit set, but that expansion might end up being constrained by budget. Kaveh continued that the RIPE NCC would closely monitor the behaviour and activity required in maintaining the first few new nodes, as the RIPE NCC does not want to have to add additional resources to the project and wants to avoid adding extra pressure to the team maintaining K-root.

E. Redesigned RIPE NCC Website - Mihnea-Costin Grigore, RIPE NCC

The presentation is available at:

Elvis Velea, V4Escrow, commented that the new website loads slower than the old one. Mihnea countered that this information is surprising, as the Web Services Team's statistics prove otherwise. Elvis then asked if the team had any future plans to create a RIPE Database link that could easily load on mobile and desktop without having to load the whole RIPE NCC website simply to perform a database search. Mihnea explained that the team created the specific search box for this function, but a dedicated portal is a good idea for future development.

Dmitry Kohmanyuk, Hostmaster, commented that the website is very fluid and the top menu seems to work well. He added that the RIPE Meeting and ENOG websites could also benefit from a facelift, as they do not perform well on mobile devices.

Wilfried Woeber, Univie / ACOnet / VIX, had two comments to make.
Firstly, Wilfried described how he found the search function difficult to use, as it had taken him a long time to find the tab for the general search input field. If this is a typical experience of a website user, this could be one reason why the team is seeing fewer search events on the website. Wilfried's second comment was that there could still be a structural problem in the display of some website pages, in particular with RIPE Atlas pages. Wilfried summarised that the mobile display is good in general, but perhaps more focus should be paid to optimising the website display on desktop.

Mihnea thanked all commenters for their feedback.

F. Working Group Chair Selection Process - Kurtis Lindqvist, RIPE NCC Services WG Chair

Kurtis mentioned that although the RIPE NCC Services WG currently has two chairs, the WG might want to expand that to three chairs in the future.

Kurtis explained that he would open the call for WG Chair nominations on Tuesday and that Bijal's seat would be up for election.

There were no questions for Kurtis.

G. Open Microphone Session

Alexander Isavnin, Tech S.A,asked if the audience would get the chance to see more statistical representations, as in Axel's presentation.

Andrew de la Haye, RIPE NCC, said he would give an update at the next RIPE meeting that would include more statistical information, or alternatively anyone could approach him directly.

Z. Any Other Business

There was no other business.