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MAT Working Group Minutes - RIPE 82

Wednesday, 19 May 13:00 - 14:00
Chairs: Brian Trammell, Nina Bargisen 
Scribe: Alun Davies
Status: Final

1. JDR.jl: Interactively Analyzing the RPKI

Luuk Hendriks

The presentation is available at:

Brian Trammel (WG Chair) asked, as JDR pulls things in to do a semantic analysis of the syntactic RPKI trees, how do weird corner cases and errors in the data get dealt with? Luuk responded that this is exactly one of the motivations that led to the creation of JDR. He then went back to the demo to show that the NLnet Labs team behind JDR.jl carry out very detailed checks and annotations of the data in order to provide the user with clear information.

2. RIPEstat's 10th Anniversary

The presentation is available at:

Alexander Isavnin (OYL llc) asked about the quality of historical data in RIPEstat from 2012 and earlier. Christian answered that as the RIPEstat team moves forward, past the development of the new UI, they will be turning their attention to the data API and infrastructure. This will mean more work on data quality and work on adding more datasets. This will hopefully make sure data from before 2012 is available.

Ivan Beveridge (IG / AS30931) said that, with respect to RIPEstat being, might it be useful to have a silent http/https redirect - i.e. from to Christian answered that they didn't want to put a permanent redirect from the root into, for example, the mobile app because they want to keep the new and old user interfaces clearly separate for now. But he added that the team will soon work on harmonising the redirects, even as early as next week.

Carlos Martinez (LACNIC) said thanks for the awesome work on RIPEstat and InfoRedes. Massimo Candela (NTT) thanked Christian for the update on RIPEstat and the birthday wishes.

3. RIPE NCC Tools Update

Robert Kisteleki, RIPE NCC

The presentation is available at:

There was no time for questions.