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RIPE Meeting: 37

Working Group:Test Traffic



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Test Traffic Working Group Draft Minutes
RIPE-37 Amsterdam Sep 2000
Chair: Matthew Robinson
Scribe: Mark Santcroos

1. Administrative stuff:

Matthew says some introducing words and quickly moves forwards to the next

2. Presentation by Henk Uijterwaal:

Henk gave a presentation on the current project status and future plans.
His presentation can be found at:

There were some questions from the audience:

Q: Is it possible to buy a GPS kit to use for your purposes.
A: Henk: Yes :)

Q: If you are currently active in the project but you do not have the
budget for the service fee, can you still participate in the project?
A: Daniel: Yes, because we want boxes out there and the people who where
in from the beginning made the project what it is now.

Q: Will there be volume discounts?
A: Henk: Yes, ask us for it.

Q: Can the host give the results to 3rd parties?
A: Henk/Daniel: In short: Yes, but always come to us before doing so and
we think of a solution.

3. Entries for the competition:

A few months ago there was the idea of renaming the project.
The was a competition and we should choose on on RIPE-37.
There was a staggering number of entries: two. And both from the same
1. TEMPI - Timing & Exact Measurements of the Performance of the Internet
2. TRIPS - Time-Related Internet Performance Service

There were also some mottos
1. "The fundamental things apply / As time goes by."
H. Hupfeld, from the movie "Casablanca"
2. "Sum loquimur, fugit invida Aetas" ("While we speak, envious time flies")
3. "O temps! suspend ton vol" ("O time! halt your flight!")
A. de Lamartine

We were given the following options:
1. If we like either of the entries we can adopt it.
2. Leave the competition open longer
3. Change nothing

We voted to leave it open till RIPE-38.

4. AOB:

Matthew announced that he would like to stand down as a chair due to
personal reasons.
One of his colleages offered to become the new chair.
There were no other candidates (yet) from the wg.
People who want to become chair can post that to the wg mailinglist.
Henk took the opporturnity to thank Matthew for the things he had done for
the working group and gave him a present.