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Minutes IPv6 Working Group session
Amsterdam, 12 Oct, 2005

Chair: David Kessens
Scribe: Timothy Lowe
# of attendees: 95

ACTION 51.1 - Ask the RIPE NCC to revise the acronym list in the
registration package to remove obsolete terms as TLA & NLA
(David Kessens)
Status: Completed
ACTION 51.2 - Create a link from the IPv6 WG page to the APNIC events page:
Status: To be done
ACTION 51.3 - Provide traffic reports on ipv6 usage during the RIPE
meetings. If available, data from earlier meetings will
be made available as well.

A. Administrative stuff

Appointment of scribe: Timothy Lowe
Agenda bashing: No additions to agenda

Action point 51.1 was decided.

B. Quick update from the RIPE NCC regarding ipv6 services

No news from the RIPE NCC

C. IPv6 events calendar on the ipv6 working group page
(proposed by Timothy Lowe)

It was decided that similar event pages already exist and that we
can simply provide a link to the APNIC event pages.
(See action point

D. Discussion on:
Global IPv6 routing table status
(Gert Doering, Spacenet)

Discussion on filtering:

Gert Doering: The RIPE Whois database is the only one allowing route6
object creation.

Iljitsch Van Beijnum: What is the gain of filtering less specific ?

Geoff Huston: What problem are you trying to solve ?

Gert Doering: Trying to prevent accident, less maintenance if the
documentation is in the database then it will be more stable.

Conclusion: as we cannot force people to filter, we will see more
specifics anyways (David Kessens)

E. Report(s) about *actual* v6 traffic volume as compared to v4?
*what's real* out there, not what's on powerpoint?

- (Jeroen Massar)

Pointer to Jeroen's website was provided, but content was not
discussed. Pim van Pelt offered to do some work to provide more
data on his Sixxs ipv6 service but it was decided that the amount
of work was probably not worth the effort.

Discussed whether any ipv6 usage data from the RIPE meetings itself
was available. This discussion resulted in a request and an action
point for the RIPE NCC to provide us such data in the future
(Action point 51.3)

F. The end of the 6bone address space is in sight
(Jeroen Massar)

- what are people going to do with 6bone address space as
- per 6/6/6 ?
- filter it?
- keep it going?
- warn people?
- what to do with the 6bone registry ?

Iljisch v B.: DNS is not auto-configurable in IPv6 like it is in
IPv4 so I would like to use 6bone to get an ipv6 assignment for an
experiment for well-known ipv6 DNS resolver addresses.

Geoff H. : IANA has released a statment that 6bone dies on

Gerd D.: exactly, what will people do when this happens?

No uniform policy on what to do with 6bone prefixes. Some people
will start filtering while others won't bother.

In general, people advised David Kessens who maintains the 6bone
registry to stop accepting registry changes by the close date but to
keep the data online for some time to come with proper warning
message when information is accessed.

G. Developments/initiatives regarding IPv6 in the RIPE region and

(Bernard Tuy)

Presentation will be available on the RIPE website as soon as
Bernard Tuy provides the slides

No questions.

H. Input for the RIPE NCC Activity Plan
(no input from the audience)


Peter Koch drew attention to a presentation in the DNS working
group regarding the deprecation of