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RIPE 80 Working Group Chair Meeting Summary

11 May 2020

Erik Bais, Sandoche Balakrichenan, Nina Bargisen, Fergal Cunningham, João Damas, Gert Doering, Rob Evans, Ondrej Filip, Antony Gollan, Will van Gulik, Julf Helsingius, Paul Hoogsteder, Raymond Jetten, Daniel Karrenberg, Achilleas Kemos, Shane Kerr, Mirjam Kühne, Kurtis Lindqvist, Matina de Mas, Remco van Mook, Brian Nisbet, Job Snijders, Benedikt Stockebrand, William Sylvester, Brian Trammell, Denis Walker, Jan Žorž.

Chair: Hans Petter Holen
Scribe: Antony Gollan

1) RIPE Meeting Plan and Agendas

It was noted that the DNS and MAT working groups were not meeting at RIPE 80.

2) RIPE Community Plenary

The agenda for this session was discussed.

Hans Petter said he would seek volunteers for a task force to look at Recommendation 8 from the Accountability TF, which was to consider aligning the process for selecting working group chairs (currently each WG maintains its own individual process). William and João volunteered to prepare a draft charter for the proposed TF ahead of the session.

Hans Petter shared a draft procedure that would allow WG Chairs to request support with travel and accommodation costs to attend RIPE Meetings. This was in response to a request from the RIPE NCC Executive Board. He said he would seek input from the community during the session.

Hans Petter said he would also discuss the need for the RIPE community to make progress on an updated RIPE (Meeting) Code of Conduct. In order to get agreement, this might need to be split into three documents that could be dealt with separately:

  • The updated code of conduct itself
  • A document describing how the Code of Conduct Team was appointed
  • Guidelines for how the Code of Conduct Team should operate

Hans Petter said he would find volunteers for a small task force to focus on these three documents.

3) AOB

The RIPE NCC was tasked to look at how it could respond quickly in the event that WG mailing lists required moderation after hours or during the weekend.

4) Next Meeting

A call will be organised shortly after RIPE 80 to assess how the community's first fully-remote meeting worked.