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Minutes IPv6 Working Group RIPE 45
The IPv6 Working Group session Wednesday 14 May, 16.30 - 18.30
A. Administrative Stuff:
Chair (David Kessens, Nokia)
Scribe (Timothy Lowe, RIPE NCC)

Enable reverse delegation for the 6bone

Andrei: after much discussion, 6bone will do it for themselves.
#Action point closed#
44.2 Bernard Tuy
To co-ordinate an IPv6 routing guideline document

Discussion ongoing with Marc Blanchet (Hexago) for more
comprehensive document.

David: this point is being passed to the routing working group.
#Action point closed#
To investigate with IANA increasing the size of RIR allocations to
rationalize routing
David: discussion has begun between the parties so we can
close this one.
Gert Doering (Spacenet):
I see at least 3 /23s being delegated in the interim
and this is a shame.
David: it is a bit tech and a bit policy so I this
might need to go to the LIR working group.
John Crain:
ICANN There are discussions concerning this with the
RIRs about a temporary solution.
#action point closed#, discussion moved to policy working group
Report back to the working group what the status is and what the
issues are regarding:
- enabling AAAA glue records in the . zone
- AAAA glue records for delegations to TLDs
- AAAA glue records for the root servers themselves, enabling
ipv6 transport to the . zone
John: AAAA in the root there are possible issues with too
many AAAA records into the root zone. In the lab we
are building a root zone with lots of AAAA queries to
prove it is safe. We don't believe there will be any
issues but we have some requests for this so we have to
come back with proof that it is stable before going
ahead. The Root server advisory committee will be asked
to approve this before the summer.
Mohsen Souissi (AFNIC):
The request for comments document from IANA was run by
myself and I sent IANA my comments. We have no issues
for .fr with AAAA glue records under the root zone.
Mr Vixie was asked to comment and had no technical
issues. We have been waiting for a long time.
John: yes I saw that and according to his draft not RFC but
draft it has no issues but we have to ensure that it
doesn't just work for .fr but for everyone. Also we have
had little comment on his draft and no other tech tests
of this. However we see that it is a good idea and we
want to have this implemented as soon as possible.
David: Who needs to sign off on this?
John: inet clue elite
David: good, it's not lost in the department of commerce.
John: No we just have to present solid evidence to the Department
of Commerce so they can approve
Andrei:we tried to research this by asking Verisign what
registrars support AAAA records. They said they don't
know. Fortunately our registrar did it and we found
that it was only blocked at the root zone. We wanted to
change our registrar but the new one had no interest in
doing AAAA dns.
David: I think others have the same problem can you make
public who is willing to do it?
Lars-Johan Liman:
can we see a way of changing the name on the right hand
side of the ns delegation so that it doesn't conflict
with the Like (we already
have this see
Andrei:I agree we should look into this but it was just to
clarify that it should be looked into.
David: this a DNS issue so we should pass it to them. Ok we
should keep action open so we can hear about progress
in this area? Good we keep it.
B. Status of the 6bone
(David Kessens)
6bone registry is now reachable over v6 in all aspects.
Draft phase out plan of the addresses has been proposed.
The cut off date for allocating ptlas is 20040101 and the date of phase
out is 20060606.
Some stats are 60 countries with ptlas in the 6bone

C. University of Tennessee IPv6 network storage stack
(Alessandro Bassi - LoCI - Univ of Tennessee)

Logistical networking, which is based on distributed network
storage, is a project of the UTK Logistical Computing and
Internetworking Lab. The LoCI Lab website:
D. Global IPv6 routing table status
(Gert Doering)
Slide 12:
Kurtis Lindqvist, Netnod:
Can you track which blocks are allocated and which are
routed? Also the delay between when the allocation was made
and when it was first routed?
Gert: My scripts don't do it but I can do that.
I will look into it but no promises.
Mohsen: Tunis isn't in Europe (refers to slide 15)
Gert: sure but its around the mediteranian so around the corner
sort of Europe.

E. Report(s) about actual v6 traffic volume as compared to v4?
(Henk Uijterwaal, RIPE NCC)

The test traffic project is now also able to measure the ipv6

F. Developments/initiatives in the RIPE region and beyond -Presentation
(Bernard Tuy, RENATER)

Geant IPv6 service M6bone worldwide deployment and multicast
protocols for IPv6 6Net and on going IPv6 experiments

G. Input for the RIPE NCC Activity Plan
(No input from the audience)