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Minutes of the IPv6 WG meeting at RIPE 34


A. Administrative Stuff
Scribe is Petra Zeidler
Agenda got reshuffled, beside that no changes

B. Status of 6BONE (David Kessens)
see slides for the contents of the presentation
no Questions

C. Experience from the RIPE NCC with IPv6 allocations (Mirjam Kuehne)
- Does RIPE NCC look at IPv4 allocations when deciding about IPv6
alloc.? - no, one can start out with IPv6 address space
- How long does getting an allocation take? - about as long as a large
IPv4 assignement now, but in the beginning it took longer due to
necessary shakedown of procedures
- What about the "exchange points distribute address space" point? -
Neither the exchanges nor the registries are particularily keen to see
that, maybe clear that up in the documentation
- is the problem of how to handle different address spaces at the
client site, their upstream and the exchange point worked out? - no.
Input from the Exchange people needed, the IX wg is in parallel to
this meeting
- how does one find IPv6 database objects in the database? - by using
whois, the object types are inet6num and ipv6site

D. Experience from APNIC with IPv6 allocations (Fabrina Hossain)
- what is a NIR, and what's the IPv6 problem with them? - a national
internet registry, an intermediary between RIR and LIR; assigning a
block of STLAs is not planned in the current regulations, but would be
sensible. This point needs to be cleared up yet.
- are there political problems with or for NIRs? - none up to date
- what type of IPv6 usage happens in the APNIC region? - tunneled over

E. Experience from customers of the RIPE NCC with IPv6 allocations (audience)
Stephen Burley, UUnet UK:
requested at 3 registries due to their international character, got
/35. Issues are Aggregation and looking at a whole continent
/29 is reserved for them so they can expand contiguously
UUnet is still staring up IPv6 operations, they have renumbered from
their 6bone addresses and had questions from customers about IPv6, but
did no assignments yet.
general point:
what about company mergers and splits? - renumbering is easy in theory
Wilfried Woeber for Vienna Uni, RIPE IPv6 allocation #6:
IPv6 requires quite different architecture considerations regarding
wether to assign a /64 or a /48
actually using IPv6 found surprising, non-obvious traps (eg DNS)
working with RIPE to get the allocation was nice
planning for IPv6 is hard to do due to lack of experience on all sides
the role of IXes is unclear. Are they to move from being a switch to
being a router? How does one build infrastructure for a routed IX?
What about the IPv6 multihoming issue? For an IXes own routing
infrastructure there are no address issues

F. IPv6 forum creation (David Kessens)
there has been a mailinglist created ~2-3 months ago with subject
deployment of IPv6. It contains technical questions & answers
There's a website too,
It is meant to be a formal organisation to promote IPv6
It currently has 55 members, the membership fee is ~$2500 a year)
The IPv6 forum sponsors meetings to spread information about IPv6
It has two main goals: inform and help in deployment by collecting
useful information
next meeting will be in October near Paris named "Global IPv6 summit"
on the 8/9 dec there will be a meeting in Berlin to be help in German
language, but translations will be offered too
a meeting in Japan is planned, but there's no date yet

H. IPv6 test project done by TF-TANT
(Simon Nybroe,
DNS still needs IPv4 connectivity to be able to do its "tree walk"
There are more applications needed that work with IPv6
A IPv6 routing registry needs to be considered

G. European developments/initiatives regarding IPv6
- there's a project to link 6TAP and AMS-IX using a native IPv6 link
AMS-IX has IPv6 on the Ethernet and at 6TAP it's available over the
peering router.
Question: is it an experiment or are there plans to offer "ordinary"
transit? - no transit yet, currently it will run in a ~3month test

X. Any Other Business
- there's IPv6 in the RIPE terminal room, with as
tunnel router
- IPv6 policies are to be dicussed in the LIR WG, only implementation
matters at IPv6 WG, as IPv6 is now in assignment production.
Anyone may take part in the LIR WG (only the LIRs really ought to :-)