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RIPE 75 Working Group Chair Meeting Summary

Conrad Hotel, Dubai

25 October 2017

Ignas Bagdonas, Adam Castle, João Damas, Gert Doering, Ondrej Filip, Hans Petter Holen, Raymond Jetten, Daniel Karrenberg, Christian Kaufmann, Shane Kerr, Mirjam Kühne, Kurtis Lindqvist, Jen Linkova, Florence Lavroff, Brian Nisbet, Paolo Moroni, Axel Pawlik, Sander Steffann, Benedikt Stockebrand, William Sylvester, Brian Trammell

Chair: Nick Hyrka
Scribe: Antony Gollan

I. Welcome/intro
II. DMARC/mailing lists solution
III. RIPE Meeting webcast and YouTube
IV. RIPE Meeting Presentation Distribution
V. Accountability TF and RIPE Chair Selection Processes
VI. Revised RIPE WG Chair job description
VII. Administrative/technical overview of RIPE 75
VIII. Feedback on RIPE 75 meeting plan

I. Welcome/Intro

New RIPE Working Group Chairs Ignas Bagdonas (Routing WG) and Brian Trammell (MAT WG) were welcomed.

II. DMARC/Mailing Lists Solution

An update was given on the RIPE NCC's work to provide a solution for mailing lists in response to the implementation of DMARC by a number of email providers. Alongside these efforts, the RIPE NCC is also working with the IETF to come up with a community solution to DMARC problems. More detail is on RIPE Labs.

III. RIPE Meeting Webcast and YouTube

The group discussed the RIPE NCC's intention to trial third-party solutions to run alongside the current webstream. This would take some of the load off the current webstream and might allow a wider group of people to be served. The RIPE NCC intends to trial this for RIPE 76.

IV. RIPE Meeting Presentation Distribution

The WG Chairs discussed the distribution of presentation submissions between the PC and the WG Chairs. The group agreed there needed to be greater clarity about the difference between plenary and WG sessions and that more communication between the PC and the WG Chairs could help.

V. RIPE Accountability Task Force and RIPE Chair Selection Processes

The group discussed the recent work of the RIPE Accountability Task Force. Hans Petter noted that he would send an update to the RIPE community about developing a RIPE Chair selection process.

VI. Revised RIPE WG Chair Job Description.

This was approved.

VII. Administrative/Technical Overview of RIPE 75

Several issues were discussed including: temperature of the meeting space, the speaker setup making it difficult for people on stage to hear comments from the microphones, session timekeeping and alternative ways to let speakers know how much time they have left.

VIII. Feedback on the RIPE 75 Meeting Plan

It was agreed this could be done on the mailing list.


Outgoing chairs Sander Steffann (Address Policy WG) and Christian Kaufmann (MAT WG) were thanked.