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RIPE NCC Services Working Group Minutes RIPE 87

Wednesday, 29 November 2023, 14:00 – 15:30 (UTC+1)

Chaired By: Kurt Erik Lindqvist
Co-Chairs: Rob Evans, Bijal Sanghani
Scribe: Kjerstin Burdiek
Status: Draft

The recordings of the session are available at:

The stenography transcripts are available at:

A. Administrative Matters

Kurtis Lindqvist

The presentation is available at:

Kurtis Lindqvist welcomed everyone and presented the agenda. The minutes from RIPE 86 were approved. He reminded the Working Group (WG) that he would be stepping down as co-chair at the end of the session.

B. RIPE NCC Survey 2023

Brenda Mainland, Survey Matters

This presentation is available at:

Adonis Stergiopoulos, RIPE NCC

This presentation is available at:

Brenda Mainland of Survey Matters presented on the RIPE NCC Survey 2023. She shared information about the demographics of respondents and their general satisfaction with the RIPE NCC’s performance. She also shared areas where respondents were less satisfied with the RIPE NCC and where they wanted more focus.

Adonis Stergiopoulos of the RIPE NCC followed up with the RIPE NCC’s response to the survey. The RIPE NCC has published 40 key findings from the survey that they plan to address. The organisation will then publish their responses.

C. RIPE NCC Website Redesign

Phillip Oldham, Web Services Team Manager, RIPE NCC

This presentation is available at:

Phillip Oldham of the RIPE NCC presented on the redesign of This was a project in 2023 to improve the website’s usability and user experience, especially for smaller screens and assisted technologies. It also aimed to better represent the RIPE community’s part of the site. The release was planned for January 2024. He invited members to give feedback and participate in user testing.

Lars-Johan Liman of Netnod asked to participate in this. Phillip explained how he could get involved.

Daniel Karrenberg of the RIPE NCC asked if there would be an improved search function. Phillip said the team would be implementing a new search engine to improve this and was currently trialling a few options.

D. Registry Update

James Kennedy, Chief Registry Officer, RIPE NCC

This presentation is available at:

James Kennedy, the new Chief Registry Officer for the RIPE NCC, shared an update on the Registry and their plans for 2024.

Bijal Sanghani, speaking as the former chair of the RIPE Database Task Force, asked if the ARC activity had increased since previous years. Xavier de Bris of the RIPE NCC said the activity had decreased due to checks taking place elsewhere.

E. RIPE NCC Update

Hans Petter Holen, Managing Director and CEO, RIPE NCC

This presentation is available at:

Hans Petter Holen gave the RIPE NCC update, including major changes in the organisation, current goals and budget planning.

Daniel Karrenberg, speaking on behalf of himself, expressed concern about cutting back on external engagement. He said the organisation needed to build relationships with the community. He asked if the RIPE NCC Executive Board were planning to align the charging scheme and budget discussions more closely.

Hans Petter said this was not possible, as it would require planning for the next calendar year at the beginning of the current calendar year. The RIPE NCC would, however, provide forecasts for the next three years starting in May 2024.

F. RIPE NCC Services Chair Selection

RIPE NCC Services Working Group Chairs

Bijal went over the co-chair selection process so far. She mentioned that the current chairs did not consider the support shown so far on the mailing list to be a consensus, therefore she asked the WG to show their support for each of the two candidates. Based on the results, she confirmed that János Zsakó would be the new co-chair, replacing Kurtis Lindqvist.

Z. Any Other Business

RIPE NCC Services Working Group Chairs

Shane Kerr said that he was not satisfied with the venues of RIPE Meetings so far and said the community should contribute more to the process of selecting them.

Hans Petter said this decision was indeed partly up to the RIPE community. However, the RIPE NCC was still catching up on venues after the pandemic, so it was not yet possible to do a community consultation. It was hard to find venues after the pandemic, and the community needed to consider what it wanted in terms of location and venue size.

RIPE Chair Mirjam Kühne said she and Hans Petter had been discussing this. The community should indeed be thinking about these considerations.

Daniel Karrenberg expressed disappointment that a vote decided the chair selection. He suggested keeping both chair volunteers involved in the Working Group somehow.

Job Snijders of Fastly suggested having three chairs.

Bijal replied that there already were three. She noted that she would be stepping down as co-chair next year and said others could consider running then. With no other business raised, she closed the session.