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Meeting: RIPE 60, Prague, Czech Republic
Date: 5 May 2010
Time: 16:00 - 17:30 CET
Chair: Kurtis Lindqvist


A. Administrative Matters

  • Welcome
    Kurtis Lindquist welcomed the attendees and began the session at 16:00 local time.
  • Approval of Minutes from RIPE 59
    Minutes from RIPE59 approved without objections.

B. Report from RIPE NCC

Axel Pawlik from the RIPE NCC gave a report on the RIPE NCC. The presentation is available at:

There were no questions.

C. RIPE Labs Update

Mirjam Kuehne from the RIPE NCC gave an update on RIPE Labs. The presentation is available at:

There were no questions.

D. Update on the 2007-1 Project

Arne Kiessling from the RIPE NCC gave an update on 2007-01. The presentation is available at:

Piotr Strzyzewski commented that there are some resources where you can't contact the end user. He asked if Arne used the BGP table to find out how many one could reclaim.

Arne said not yet. He added that they know there are some that can be reclaimed, but there might be reasons why they are not announcing their prefix.

Piotr commented that there might be some that he could reclaim.

Arne responded that they do check the use when they receive the documents. He said that in Phase 3, they would have to ask the end-user and take this into account.

Kurtis asked that if users were now with another LIR, if they could sign a contract with a new one? Arne said yes, that the new LIR could submit the documentation to the RIPE NCC and they would process it. He added that if someone hadn't yet submitted documentation, that they could also send an email.

Kurtis asked if the email should be sent to the hostmaster.

Arne confirmed 'yes', to [email protected] or [email protected] preferably.

Kurtis then asked if Arne had said that they had decided on a time-out when they stop reaching an end-user.

Arne answered that this was for when they've tried to contact everyone, admin-c, upstream, etc., but it still needed to be decided what to do then. He asked for input.

Kurtis replied that, in his opinion, there is only a reasonable level of attempts to find these people. After time X, RIPE NCC should simply publish all the resources and then reclaim the resources in a month or so. He then confirmed that the RIPE NCC would be writing up a proposal, and that if they start in September, which means it'll be before the next RIPE meeting and that it would have to be discussed on the mailing list.

Arne confirmed that there would be communication on the mailing list.

Rudiger Volk asked that the proposals for the final decision were at RIPE 61.

Arne confirmed that would be the case.

Kurtis asked if it could be documented in August.

Arne replied that August was the planned start date and that a test-run would happen in the summer where they would contact a certain number of end-users and see what kind of response they'd get.

Wilfried Woeber asked about orphaned resources. He said he worked through a short list of resources and that there were quite a few he marked as 'not my end user', as they had since become an LIR. He asked about having a place in the LIR Portal where they could go and mark that kind of resources as 'this registry is the proper one to contact for this resource'?

Arne agreed that it was a good idea and said they'd look into it.

Kurtis mentioned that this was posted on the list but that there was a reason not to implement it.

E. Small But Interesting Things

Robert Kisteleki from the RIPE NCC gave an update from the Science Group. The presentation is available at:

There were no questions.

G. Open Microphone Session

No one came forward.

Z. A.O.B.

There were no more questions.

Kurtis closed the session.