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RIPE 77 Working Group Chair Meeting Summary

Hotel Okura, Amsterdam

18 October 2018

Ignas Bagdonas, Erik Bais, Nina Bargisen, Adam Castle, Fergal Cunningham, João Damas, Gert Doering, Ondrej Filip, Will van Gulik, Johan Helsingius, Hans Petter Holen, Raymond Jetten, Christian Kaufmann, Achilleas Kemos, Shane Kerr, David Knight, Florence Lavroff, Kurt Erik Lindqvist, Jen Linkova, Martina de Mas, Remco van Mook, Paolo Moroni, Brian Nisbet, Axel Pawlik, Jim Reid, Bijal Sanghani, Benedikt Stockebrand, William Sylvester, Denis Walker, Martin Winter.

Chair: Mirjam Kühne
Scribe: Antony Gollan

1. Welcome/Intro

Fergal Cunningham was welcomed as the RIPE NCC's new Marketing and Communications Manager.

2. In/outgoing WG Chairs

Alireza Vaziri has been selected as co-chair of the Anti-Abuse WG.

3. PC Submission System

The Chairs reported that they appreciate being able to see plenary talks that are submitted via the PC Submission System.

4. PC/WG Chairs Interaction

WG Chairs should talk with their PC liaison if they see a plenary presentation they want for their working group.

The RIPE NCC will look at developing a single submission system for both working group and plenary presentations.

5. Spam on RIPE Forum

The RIPE NCC highlighted the increase in spam that is being posted in the RIPE Forum and sent to mailing lists, and explained what it was doing in response.

6. RIPE Chair Selection Process

After the community discussion at RIPE 76, a new draft proposal has been sent to [email protected]. The Friday morning session will include a discussion on this proposal after the RIR updates. An updated proposal will be shared with the community after the RIPE Meeting.

It was noted that there would also be an effort to reach a consensus on what the current role of the RIPE Chair is. A role description will be shared with the plenary before being sent to the mailing list for final comments.

7. Report from the Accountability Task Force

The task force published its draft report in early October and there was a presentation on this in the Tuesday plenary. People are encouraged to read the report and share comments on the mailing list until 16 November.

8. Future RIPE Meeting Structure

The group discussed the BoF on Tuesday that discussed the future of RIPE. Various aspects were discussed, such as what the role of Working Groups should be, or whether additional times or structures could be used for RIPE Meetings.

It was agreed that this should be discussed by the wider community. Notes from the BoF will be published.

9. Feedback on RIPE 77 Meeting Plan

It was suggested that the Open Source and IoT WGs should not be scheduled alongside one another.  

10. Administrative/technical Overview of RIPE 77

A number of issues at the meeting were discussed, such as: more hand-held microphones needed, lighting on stage, cramped seating, difficulties getting to the microphones, accessibility considerations.

It was noted that the community needs to continue to attract participation by students.

It was noted that the Diversity Task Force would be aiming to publish an updated draft code of conduct for discussion by the community.    

11. AOB

There was good feedback about the Women in Tech Lunch.

Further improvements to help speakers on stage were discussed - such as displaying a countdown timer.