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RIPE Meeting:


Working Group:



1st Draft

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The Tools Working Group
Wednesday 14 May, 14.00 - 15.00.

Draft Minutes v 1:

A. Administrative Matters:

Chair: Manuel Valente
Scribe: Tiago Antao

Participants list circulated
Previous minutes approved
Agenda maintained

Rob Blokzijl (RB): There are working groups changes. LIR working group
split, there is a services group from that split that will probably include the
tools groug. It might make sense to end this group. Discussion on the
BOF. DNS presentations can go to the DNS group.

B. ZoneCheck II: a DNS zone checking tool
Stephane D'Alu, AFNIC

ZoneCheck II is a tool to check the correct configuration of DNS servers, as
Zone configuration (DNS records, consistency between nameservers and flags),
Practical usage:
Deciding the delegation on technical criteria
Monitoring domain name or tls
New version has among others support for IPv6, better interfaces and
implementation of different policies)

An online demonstration of the web interface was done.


Manuel Valente(MV): You can try it here online

No questions

C. Whois Database Updates & Software Development
Denis Walker

The Architecture and Implementation of the new version of dbupdate
was presented.

No questions.

D. LIR Portal Update
Manuel Valente

* Public Key Infrastructure

Randy Bush(RB): Cannot plain html be used?
MV: Certificate generation is browser dependent, there is no standard.

* Inetnum Allocation Updates

Ulrich Kiermayr(UK): Problems with allocation editors, crashes mozilla browsers
MV: Please send feedback to email address [email protected]

* Future Plans

E. Ongoing Tools Projects at RIPE NCC
Manuel Valente
* asused
* new resource request forms

No questions.


There was no AOB