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RIPE NCC Services Working Group
Date: 14 May 2014, 16:00-17:45
Chair: Kurtis Lindqvist
Co-Chair: Bijal Sanghani
Scribe: Laura Cobley

A. Administrative Matters

The minutes from the RIPE 67 Working Group session were approved.

B. Hijacking and Due Diligence

Ingrid Wijte and Athina Fragkouli, RIPE NCC

The presentation is available at:

There were no questions or comments for Ingrid or Athina.

C. RIPE NCC Update

Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC

The presentation is available at:

There were no questions or comments for Axel.

D. External Relations Update

Paul Rendek, RIPE NCC

The presentation is available at:

Nurani Nimpuno, Netnod, suggested that the RIPE NCC could improve its communications on External Relations activities on a more ongoing basis and in smaller, more accessible chunks. She used the ISOC blog as an example of a medium that reports on events in a timely manner, while both facilitating and promoting feedback.

Alexander Isavnin, Netline, added his support for Nurani's idea and suggested that information about regional outreach activities and plans could also be shared in local languages via services such as Twitter.

Patrik Fälström, Netnod, asked the RIPE NCC to communicate developments to the relevant working groups so that the RIPE community can be informed about what is happening in other areas.

Paul thanked all of the contributors for their suggestions.

E. Do We Need More Auditing On RIPE NCC Projects? RIPE Atlas Example

Piotr Strzyżewski, Silesian University of Technology

The presentation is available at:

Elvis Velea, V4Escrow, confirmed that the RIPE NCC does send reminders when probes are disconnected.

Kaveh Ranjbar, RIPE NCC, thanked Piotr for raising questions and clarified that the RIPE NCC Executive Board has spent a lot of time looking at the RIPE Atlas project, from both a technical and a financial aspect. He also added that the RIPE NCC is continuing to look into increasing financial contributions from other sources and on improving processes.

Piotr confirmed that he is very happy with the RIPE Atlas project and, in general, with the RIPE NCC's services. He also asked whether more useful
numbers could be added to the Annual Report.

Christian Kaufmann, RIPE NCC Executive Board, outlined some of the ways in which the board has been trying to evaluate the RIPE Atlas project and asked for support from the community in raising issues that it should look into.

Richard Barnes, Mozilla, asked whether a loss rate of 15-20% is really unacceptable.

Janos Zsako, adviser to the RIPE NCC Executive Board, repeated that RIPE Atlas is a successful project and that the processes are still under improvement. He also urged caution to the community in spending resources in following up on recovery activities.

Lars-Johan Liman, Netnod, agreed and suggested that the losses should be weighed against the cost of either sending out new probes or conducting follow-up and/or retrieval activities.

Daniel Karrenberg, RIPE NCC, mentioned the graph on the RIPE NCC website that shows the relative amount of probes that are not connected. He stated the graphs show that the relative amount of disconnected probes has been constant since almost the start of the project.

Dmitry Kohmanyuk, Hostmaster, suggested sending an SMS reminder when probes are offline. He also suggested rating RIPE Atlas ambassadors on the uptime of the probes that they have distributed..

Hans Petter Holen, RIPE Deputy Chair, pointed the group to the MAT Working Group for further discussion on the details of RIPE Atlas implementation.

F. Report on 2007-01

Andrea Cima, RIPE NCC

The presentation is available at:

Following questions from both Rüdiger Volk, Deutsche Telekom, and Erik Bais, A2B Internet B.V., Andrea Cima confirmed that the final stage of the project would be to deregister and then quarantine the resources. He acknowledged Rüdiger Volk's concerns regarding the different stages of communication for this and future projects.

Erik Bais and Elvis Velea made suggestions to announce the space or to look at past announcements in order to try to obtain a link to the resource holder.

G. Review and Current Implementation Status of:

• 2012-07, RIPE NCC Services to Legacy Internet Resource Holders
• 2012-08, Publication of Sponsoring LIR for Independent Resources
• 2013-04, Resource Certification for non-RIPE NCC Members

Kurtis Lindqvist, RIPE NCC Services Working Group Chair

The presentation is available at:

Elvis Velea asked for time to be given to Local Internet Registries (LIRs) so that they can contact their customers. Andrew de la Haye, RIPE NCC, confirmed that the RIPE NCC will use a similar process as with 2007-01 and will do this incrementally. He also agreed that the RIPE NCC will report back on the progress.

Kurtis clarified that certification services would be offered to non-members in order to comply with policy 2013-04.

Sergey Myasoedov, NetART Group, asked why the RIPE NCC is contacting the LIRs instead of simply publishing the information.

Kurtis suggested that LIRs will be able to review their agreements and remove any outdated ones.

Rüdiger Volk added that this also gives LIRs the opportunity to deal with any potential non-disclosure agreements that may be in place.

H. Publication of Sponsoring LIR for Legacy Holders - Nick Hilliard, INEX

The presentation is available at:

There were no questions for Nick.

I. Open Microphone Session

Kurtis invited participants in the session to approach the microphone but noted that the session was running late. Nobody approached the microphone with comments or questions.


There were no further comments or other business.

Kurtis Lindqvist thanked everyone for their participation and closed the session.