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RIPE 68 Working Group Chair Meeting Summary

Sofitel Warsaw Victoria — Warsaw
15 May 2014

    1. Welcome/Intro
    2. Administrative/Technical Overview of RIPE 68
    3. Wrap-up: Improvements to the PDP and Policy Documentation
    4. Enjoying a RIPE Meeting
    5. The WG Chair Procedures
    6. Deadlines for Agendas
    7. RIPE Meeting Session Allotments per Working Group
    8. RIPE 69 Meeting Plan
    9. Attendance of WG Chair Meetings
    10. AOB

Chair: Nick Hyrka
Scribe: Antony Gollan


Jaap Akkerhuis, Richard Barnes, Rob Blokzijl, João Damas, Gert Doering, Rob Evans, Ondrej Filip, Alain van Gaever, Maria Häll, Andrew de la Haye, Marco Hogewoning, Hans Petter Holen, Christian Kaufmann, Shane Kerr, Tobias Knecht, Peter Koch, Kurtis Lindqvist, Brian Nisbet, Niall O'Reilly, Axel Pawlik, Serge Radovcic, Jim Reid, Bijal Sanghani, Carsten Schiefner, Marco Schmidt, Sander Steffann, Nigel Titley, Meredith Whittaker, Martin Winter, Wilfried Woeber

Apologies: Ulf Kieber, David Kessens

I. Welcome/Intro

- There were no changes to the agenda.

II. Administrative/Technical Overview of RIPE 68

- Issues were noted and discussed regarding: the quality of the webcast, the video quality in the overflow room, difficulties for presenters regarding the screens on the stage and not being able to use their own laptops, not enough microphones in the audience, the capacity of the rooms, providing more vegetarian options for attendees.

III. Wrap-up: Improvements to the PDP and Policy Documentation

- The Collective reached consensus on the new PDP document (an update to ripe-500), which will apply to all policy proposals, including those currently in the PDP.

IV. Enjoying a RIPE Meeting

- The Collective discussed the new “Enjoying RIPE Meetings” document, which states that RIPE Meetings have always been a safe and supportive environment, and provides contact people for community members with any concerns.

V. The WG Chair Procedures

- The Collective agreed to work with their respective WGs to establish a procedure for replacing WG Chairs.

- The minimum requirements are that each WG should have its own procedures, that these should be written down, that this should be done by the next RIPE Meeting and executed at the end of that meeting.

VI. Deadlines for Agendas

- The Collective agreed to submit their draft WG agendas in accordance with the WG Chair role description from now on (at least two weeks before each RIPE Meeting).

VII. RIPE Meeting Session Allotments per Working Group

- The Collective agreed to give each WG one session slot at RIPE Meetings by default. An extra slot can be granted after this has been discussed with the Collective. The Collective agreed that the Address Policy WG was a special case and would usually require a second slot.

- The Collective discussed having a smaller third RIPE Meeting every year to take some of the pressure off the WGs.

VIII. RIPE 69 Meeting Plan

- The RIPE NCC will prepare a draft plan for the next RIPE Meeting and share it with the Collective for discussion and approval.

IX. Attendance of WG Chair Meetings

- The Collective discussed the fact that it continued to grow larger as more WGs were added. The Collective agreed that while it was growing larger, there was value in the WG Chairs having the opportunity to all meet in one place.


- It was noted that the planned date for RIPE 70 in Amsterdam was clashing with another conference nearby. It was agreed to hold the meeting one week earlier, which would be the week of Ascension Day.

- The Collective applauded departing chairs David Kessens from the IPv6 WG and Ulf Kieber from the Database WG for their contribution.

- The Collective presented departing RIPE Chair Rob Blokzijl with a present and he thanked the WG Chairs and their predecessors for their help in running RIPE Meetings. He wished them luck.