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TLD Working Group


The now inactive RIPE TLD Working Group discussed any TLD-related matters.

Please note that the TLD Working Group has been replaced by the DNR Forum


The aim of the TLD-WG was to initiate and enhance coordination of nTLDs within the RIPE geographical area. This increased coordination led to increased stability, effectiveness and uniformity of procedures within top level domain environs. Coordination was through discussion, consensus building regarding action points, and the monitoring of any actions carried out.

Who Participated In The WG?

In accordance with RIPE principles the WG was open to all parties administering nTLDs or wide area IP networks within the RIPE area, and those who had an interest in such matters, particularly including those involved in emerging registries and registries outside the RIPE geographical area. There was no formal membership of RIPE or of the TLD-WG. Specifically it was desired that all RIPE-area nTLD administrators actively participated in the WG.

How it worked

The working group communicated by means of an open mailing list. In addition the WG physically met three times a year at RIPE Meetings. These meetings were open to all RIPE Meeting attendees not just WG members. They were chaired by the TLD-WG chair and minutes published on the RIPE NCC web site.

Relationships With Key Organisations

The WG developed and/or maintained relationships with all key TLD related organisations. These included but were not limited to the IANA, RIPE NCC, ITU, CORE, POC, PAB, and any pertinent governmental regulatory bodies. The exact form these relationships took was discussed within the working group.

TLD Coordination Project Activity

The WG discussed, formed, and directed a TLD coordination project. The location, size, and scope of the project was to be decided. The aims of this project were to:

  • carry out the actions decided upon by the WG
  • act as a focus point for relational contacts
  • give regular updates of actions undertaken
  • give regular reports of developments in the TLD arena

Policies Of The WG

  • To promote harmonisation of registration policies and practices by publishing recommendations.
  • To give input to actions carried out by TLD coordination project.
  • To design a framework for physical representation of the WG to relevant organisations and at important TLD meetings.
  • To provide a forum for the sharing of experiences.
  • To promote the independence and stability of relevant organisations necessary to the stability of the root domain and of the DNS as a whole, and to look at ways to improve the present situation.
  • To clarify and harmonise RIPE area conflict settlement procedures.