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RIPE Meeting:


Working Group:




Revision Number:


May 5th, Thursday, 11:00 - 12:30
RIPE 50, Stockholm


A Scribe
B Agenda Bashing
C RIPE 49 Minutes Approval
5 minutes for all
D IXP Presentations
45 minutes
E RIPE NCC Presentation on Routing Registry & associated training courses
5 minutes
F Switching Wishlist
G The Great (Public vs Private) Peering Debate: Peering at 10Gbps
35 minutes


A Scribe
Vesna Manojlovic from RIPE NCC
Attendance sheet circulated

B Agenda Bashing
Nothing to add

C RIPE 49 Minutes Approval
Minutes approved

D IXP Presentations

D.1 AMSIX, Cara Mascini

New product launched: 10GE.
Night traffic growing the most.
Using the TTM boxes to monitor their infrastructure .

D.2 DE-CIX, Bernhard Kroenung

Partner program introduced. Not much difference to regular members.
First partner in Luxemburg.
Second technical meeting in April.

D.3 Equinix, Jay Adelson

Equinix is spread around the world (but not in Europe); co-location, used
to exchange traffic.

D.4 Gigapix, Carlos Friacas (FCCN)

Small IX, the only one in Portugal.

D.5 INXS Munich, Martin McDermott

D.6 LINX, Mike Hughes

MG8 now deployed. The "Faulty Towers" (sic) problem has been patched.
Will be upgrading the second LINX platform (currently Extreme) starting
later this year.
The new web site launched; old one still available.

D.7 NaMeX Rome, Daniele Arena

Asked by the members to look into VoIP peerings. Had a working group on

D.8 NIX.CZ Prague, Josef Chomyn

Q: What is the difference between members & customers?
A: Memebers can vote; customers have the same contieions, but can not

D.9 NDIX (Nl-De), Dietmar Hoelscher

D.10 Netnod Stockholm, Kurtis Lindqkvist

Located in 5 cities in Sweden, in caves/bunkers.
Sponsoring diner, have T-shirts with new logo.

D.11 NYIIX/LAIIX (Telehouse America), Sugeno Akio

Located in New York & Los Angeles.

D.12 Union-IXP, Fearghas McKay

New IXP in Central Scotland. Member-run.

D.13 VIX, Christian Panigl

D.14 Euro-IX, Serge Radovcic

E RIPE NCC Presentation on Routing Registry & associated training courses,
Vesna Manojlovic

F Switching Wishlist, Mike Hughes, LINX


Want it to be a two-way dialog with vendors; to review vendor plans for
implementation before they get on with it.
mike@localhost for feedback.

Q (Christian): Dealine for comments?
A: If people are happy with v3.0, it will be published next week.
The rest of the feedback will e included in the version 3.1, and published
around next RIPE meeting.

Q (Gaurab): At APRICOT there was a sucessful operators wishlist
discussion. Maybe you would find that interesting to take a look.
A: Will take a look.

Note by Chair: If you are going to present on the EIX-WG meeting, it would
be useful to be subscribed to the mailing list, because I've posted the
agenda & the instructions about the upload to the list.

G "The Great (Public vs Private) Peering Debate: Peering at 10Gbps" - Bill

Disucssion: Additional Advantages of Public Peering:

5. (VIX) Peering slut (?!): benefit more from using route servers, for
easy management of peering sessions.

6. (AMSIX) Large public peering ports over private connections saves
engineers - you set up the peering once, instead of seting-up multiple
private ones.

7. (DE-CIX) Redundancy - if you have multiple connections on public
peering, and your partners also have multiple connections..
Second port is usually very cheap on most IXPs.
A: This model is about only one location; does not take into consideration
mulitple locations.

8. Cesnet: The costs are not that high in Enurope.
A: I will include those in later version of the spreadsheet.

Discussion: Additional Advantages of Private Peering:

Maurice from Google:
- Over-subscription can be monitored also on the public peering.
- You can use both.

Keith Mithel: Scaling can be a problem for private peerings.

Mike Hughes: People don't have enough back-haul away from the IX.

Malcom, Linx: "tapping" possibility would be known much in advance.

Maurice, Google: Change in the transition practices: put switches instead
of routers into IX.

Mike Hughes: Beware using just one or two routers in a metro, can have BGP
multipathing problems, leading to convergence problems".

The End: best bit now - the T-shirts by Netnod!