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William Sylvester

William SylvesterWilliam has over 25 years of experience as an executive of core Internet infrastructure, including working for Network Solutions/VeriSign on the InterNIC project. This project involved Internet numbering, domain names, and directory services and resulted in the creation of the Regional Internet Registries (RIR). Currently, William is Senior Vice-President of Addrex, Inc., the pioneer in the market for IPv4 number blocks. He has spent the past ten years collaborating with global communities to help the Internet to keep growing while we work on adopting IPv6.

William has served as the chair of the RIPE Accountability Task Force, helping to document, review, and publish the findings for the RIPE community's accountability post-IANA transition. Now, as the co-chair of the RIPE Database Working Group, William has led the working group forward, removing roadblocks that have existed for many years and undertaking initiatives to clean up the RIPE database.