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Peter Steinhäuser

Peter SteinhäuserPeter Steinhäuser studied computer science at the University of Darmstadt. He is CEO of embeDD GmbH, a Switzerland-based software development company focused on OpenWrt firmware and open source wireless and network driver development for embedded Linux systems.

Peter has been involved in several Linux development and software standardisation projects for almost 15 years. His team developed large parts of OpenWrt and works with industry players on creating standard open source network software components instead of proprietary software. A large portion of this work is about efficient network traffic handling on CPEs and network traffic filtering and analysis. This leads to activities in the IoT space and collaboration to find and implement methods to deal with such devices in secure ways.

Peter is working on several industry projects, like the Telecom Infra Project and the prpl Foundation, and has been a member of the RIPE IoT working group since it was founded.

His main research interests are IoT secure onboarding, security monitoring and the proper handling of misbehaving and outdated devices.