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Dave Knight


Dave Knight is an Architect at Neustar, a role he has held since January 2018. He is also Principal Undulator at Snake Hill Labs Inc since 2014. Dave has previously been an Architect at Dyn, DNS Operations Manager at ICANN, Director of Resolution Services at Afilias, and has held various operations engineering roles at Internet Systems Consortium and the RIPE NCC.

He has participated in RIPE since joining the RIPE NCC in 1999. There he began a career-long fascination with DNS, particularly around infrastructure and operations. He has made significant expansions to the deployments of three root nameservers, worked on the anycast edge nameserver and DNSSEC signing infrastructure for .ORG and was a member of the project team tasked with deploying DNSSEC in the Internet root zone.

Dave has been a co-chair of the DNS Working Group since 2015, has twice served on the board of directors of DNS OARC and was a member of the DNS OARC Program Committee for two years.

Originally from Scotland, Dave has lived in The Netherlands, California and since 2007 with his family and altogether too many cats in Ontario.