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RIPE Working Group Chair Financial Support

Status: Draft


From time to time, the question of supporting Working Group (WG) Chairs has been raised by individual Chairs. 

In principle, all RIPE Meeting attendees, including RIPE WG Chairs, Programme Committee members and presenters are expected to cover the costs of participating in a RIPE Meeting. However, in exceptional cases, for instance, if a WG would end up with no Chair during a meeting, a WG Chair can ask the RIPE Chair to request financial assistance from the RIPE NCC.

The matter was discussed at EB402 in December 2018 after it was brought to the attention of the RIPE NCC Executive Board through one of its members and the RIPE Chair was tasked to make a draft procedure.

Action EB401 / 13/12/2018 / Hans Petter Holen

Funding for RIPE Working Group Chairs: The RIPE Chair will bring forward a draft procedure, with very clear terms and conditions for applications, for RIPE NCC Executive Board review. Afterwards, Hans Petter Holen will present a draft procedure to the RIPE Working Group Chairs mailing list for discussion.

Status 08-09-2020: Closed at the 138th RIPE NCC EB Meeting.

Application process

This document is based on the procedure for the fellowship.

Upon request Working Group Chairs will receive:       

  • Full-week ticket for the RIPE Meeting
  • Economy travel to/from home country to the RIPE Meeting
  • Five nights accommodation near the RIPE Meeting venue

Only one Chair per WG can be supported. The application opens three months before a RIPE Meeting. The WG Chairs of a given WG will decide themselves who will apply. The RIPE Chair will review all applications. In the event that more than one WG Chair from a WG has applied, the RIPE Chair will contact the relevant WG Chairs before making a decision on whom to support. 

The RIPE Chair will notify the supported person at least six weeks before the RIPE Meeting.

The RIPE NCC will book travel and accommodation for the RIPE WG Chair. The WG Chair is responsible for providing all relevant details necessary in a timely manner to the RIPE NCC travel team.


If a visa is needed, the RIPE NCC will provide an invitation letter but the WG Chair is responsible for applying for their own visa.

Selection Criteria

The selection is done by the RIPE Chair and Vice-Chair in consultation with the Chairs of the the relevant WG.


The selected RIPE Chair will be expected to: 

  • Attend the entire RIPE Meeting
  • Chair the WG Session
  • Attend the WG Chairs lunch and other relevant WG Chairs meetings
  • Register with the affiliation of the WG

This document will be reviewed after two years.