LIR WG Action List

(The list was last updated 29 October 2002)

Action Action on: Action description: Status:
35.4 NCC PGP Key exchange procedure. Ongoing
35.5 NCC Implement PGP for Hostmasters. DONE
36.5 Chair Assignment window applied on infrastructure Policy. NEW, see 40.2
36.7 NCC Keep lir-wg updated on pre RIR address space changes -Plenary Presentation. DONE
38.2 NCC Implement changes to the form while taking into account the comments from the WG. In Progress
38.3 WG Reopen policy discussion - do we need a major revision of RIPE 185. DONE
38.4 AC Consider how to coordinate Address prediction work. Work launced
38.5 NCC Implement 34.6 LIR-ALLOCATED
38.6 HPH(NCC) Propose PI policy to the WG. Ongoing
39.2 NCC Suggest procedure and possible policy changes. DONE
39.4 Chairs Define & divide work. Unknown
39.5 Chairs Beta test 6 weeks deadline for proposals Move to 2nd beta. Unknown
40.1 NCC/ET RIPE 185 2nd draft. DONE
40.2 WG Further discuss MIR/SUB-LIR. DONE
40.2 NCC Implement new AW policy. DONE
40.3 WG Further discuss possible policy change for PI. (See 38.6)
40.4 RB AC Election. DONE
40.5 WG Join RFC2050 mailinglist to give input to revision. Unknown
40.6 RIRs Produce drafts to replace 2050 for discussion by wg. In Progress
40.7 RIRs Produce interim policy draft with the help of Arano-san & Mr Bush within 2 weeks DONE
40.8 WG Further discuss final IPv6 policy. DONE
40.9 RIRs Set up global IPv6 policy list. DONE
42.1 Gert Döring Re-write the Sub-Allocation proposal and send it to the mailing-list for further discussion. DONE
42.2 Gert Döring/NCC Analyze the possible consequences of allowing Sub-Allocations and summarize them. DONE
42.3 NCC Implement IPv6 policy for Root Domain Name Servers. DONE
42.4 NCC Provide a time-line for the implementation of the new IPv6 Policy within two weeks. DONE
42.5 NCC To prolong review-period for the new IPv4 policy documents for one week until May 10 2002. DONE
43.1 Leo Vegoda Bring home congratulations to the Hostnaster Team for improving the service level and make sure the process of improvement continues. Ongoing
43.2 NCC Turn Gert Döring's SUB allocation proposal into a draft policy document. In Progress
43.3 NCC Write up the experimental policy as a draft and circulate. Open
43.4 NCC Continue the process to move 6bone under the framework of the RIRs. Open
43.5 NCC Present AS statistics, allocated, announced etc... Open
43.6 WG Nominate and elect chair/co-chair(s). Open